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Down again?

This week the blog went down again with “500 Internal Server Error” again. This time however I believe that the problem has been resolved for good this time however.

Back when I started this blog in 2003 with WordPress 1.0 there was no WYSIWYG editor so I wrote the first 18 months of posts in Textile before WordPress 2.0 was released with the TinyMCE editor for writing posts. And after that I couldn’t be bothered re-formatting them so I left the Textile plugin turned on and as it turns out it created the problems so hopefully it’s all finished with now. Thanks again to the support staff of Profusehost.

Internal Server Error

I have been experiencing troubles with wordpress recently causing “500 Internal Service” errors from apache, causing the php scripts to crash apache with a o so useful “segmentation fault” but all is well now. Thanks to John from profusehost for working so tirelessly on fixing this issue. You are still the greatest free webspace there is.

WP 1.2.1

WordPress 1.2.1 is out there are some bug and security fixes in there. No interface changes from what I have seen. But as with all security updates if you have a WordPress blog I suggest you update it.

Up and going

Well after finding lots out about WP getting the WP Grins plugin and a new css for my blog. I’m now ready to get going :grin:

Big thanks goes to Alex King whose rubric theme I used for this site I just changed the pen for a Happy Hacker keyboard :) (Now there’s a nice piece of hardware mine is the Black Lite 2) and removed the dots from the unsinged lists, it just made pictorial links look dodge.

I should really introduce myself but I think that’s for another day. Maybe someone will read one day.