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Open Java and Windows Options

Well it’s officially been announced that Java J2SE, J2ME, J2EE will all be released by sun as reference implementations under the Gnu GPL + classpath exception. Which I’m sure will bring a new era of Java, especially to Linux since Java will be able to be shipped with distributions without concern just like Mono is today.

I really hope this means the MVM will get done faster it would be a great thing for the platform.

On a unrelated note one of my pet peeves about Windows is the way that Explorer.exe works. The problem is that it is the window manager as well as the file browser. What I usually find is that the file manager will lock up the window manager which is most annoying. However there is an option to make them work in separate processes which users more memory but for the stability of the system it’s well worth it.
Edit In Seperate Process

Big News

Well once again me like some of my friends find it hard to actually get to the content page and add new stuff to their blogs but I think the news of the last 2 weeks really deserves a blog post.

Well probably the biggest news is from this week, Merinda and I have bought a block of land! And get this it’s in Mernda, that will make for interesting conversations and lots of spelling names over the phone. And it only took us a week to go from looking at existing properties to buying land and looking at houses to build!

With stamp duty here in Victoria being so high it doesn’t really make much sense to buy a fairly expensive property that will be over 20 years old.

The other big news is that I received a employee recognition award which is always quite strange. It was for integrating one of Microsoft’s better technologies into our product, the ability to write mini-dumps in the event of crash. Which then allows us to see the stack and trace the line of code that the crash occurs on.

Finally I wish to say that mustang (or JDK6 as it is now known) ROCKS it makes programs such as jbidwatcher seem so much more polished. With true double buffering the windows no longer goes gray when repainting, and the new register allocator that I talked about a while ago makes every java application fly. It’s still in beta but when it releases for real it will be a great step forward and with the open sourcing of the platform to be complete by ruffly the end of 2007 I’m looking forward to more java technology into the future.

Death to open source by virus scan

Today for the first time my virus scanner here at work started deleting files. Identifying them as the Prockill-DF virus. It wasn’t going to take any chances and deleted the files what was interesting was what files it identified:

Are you getting my drift here it’s after all the setup programs for open source products. The problem has been identified by McAfee in 4629 DAT but this is a simple way to rid the windows world of open source products. Get the anti-virus to take them out for us.

Just look at them all.

Time Passing

Well it’s been quite a while since my last post I’ve been keeping myself quite busy with work on the Final year project for my BSE it looks like it will be quite an exciting project however it is going to take a lot of my time up.

Currently I have been playing around the Technical side getting websites up and running such as eGroupware and viewCVS which is all well and good. Probably the greatest surprise on returning to Swinburne is that we now have Linux labs running CentOS 3 and the project room too is running the OS, except for one Windows machine for the Windows junkies.

So things are looking up I hope I can keep up wit the posting on status but we will see how we go.

Marked Up Code?

Wow look at that I haven’t posted in almost one whole month :mrgreen:. O yeah I have been on holidays from work for 3 weeks…. That would be it…. Nothing like camping in the middle of no where (Cumberland River) for a week to ween you off the Internet and blogging….. Anyway on to the good stuff….

I have just finished reading one of the most interesting and thought provoking articles I have read in quite a while: Extensible Programming for the 21st Century. However be warned if you are not a programmer you wont be that interested :P.

It raises quite a good point we have XML based office documents in for Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations and Drawings why don’t we have XML documents for coding. We use Rational Rose Real-Time here at work to code using uml diagrams but to actually remove your source code for the display of it would be an interesting thought.

You could end up with one language to rule them all really. What would a programming language be if you suddenly took out it’s syntax. It would only be the standard API of each language that would separated them in the end. Would it be the death of scripting languages such as python and perl. Or would these new XML documents just be parsed into the target language.

Just thinking now it would be possible if people had the motivation to do something like this around the eclipse platform. As a plug-in, I would defiantly try it out and with the way companies like everything documented it would be a fantastic way to do it. Suddenly you don’t have your UML diagram and your source code. Your diagram would form part of your source code.

One thing the writer forgot to mention was that COM+ isn’t the only thing that works in that way the Linux world now has d-bus and bonobo so it is there.

Anyway have a read and a think it will be interesting in the years to come to see if tools actually start appearing that work in this vein.

Crazy XUL

I have started to learn XUL over at XULPlanet and looking at the way Firefox works and have just been playing around and I made something cool.

And no this wasn’t created using the GIMP it was created using only Firefox so give it a whirl just click chrome://browser/content/browser.xul.

WARNING: This will most likely cause a NULL pointer exception when you close the window You have been warned.

That’s it for now but just wait for my XUL applications coming your way soon :)

Editited 2/01/2005: Fixed chrome link as noted in comment

Firefox 1.0

Well after 18 months of development it is finally here. The 1.0 release of Mozilla Firefox and so far it seems to have fixed a few of those little problems with 1.0PR(1.0 Pre-Release).

With this release finally marking as stable it means today more than ever we should be recommending to everyone from your Tech friends to your Grandmother to install and use Firefox.

An interview with Mozilla President Mitchell Baker is over at eWeek and well worth the read it outlines some of the things we might come to expect from Mozilla products in the future.

So get out there and SpreadFirefox

Open Source Challenge

I challenge all my fellow Linux geeks and other computer users out there to take up the *[Open Source] Challenge*. That is that each one of you try to use Open Source for all your computing. Now I hear you say “I spend most of my computing time at work and I can only use Windows” that’s exactly the point of the challenge :).

For every piece of software you use on a daily basis at work or at home if there is an Open Source alternative for you to use try to use it. And if you can’t download them at work burn it to a CD or bring it on a USB key from home. Here is a list of what I use at work:

  • Web browser: Firefox – Say goodbye to the 3 year old IE6
  • Ftp client: Filezilla – A great windows client and guess what it’s OS
  • RSS feed reader: Feedreader
  • Productivity suite: – Wont have all those proprietary plugins such as ReqPro but if you can do without Word the why not write it in
  • Instant messenger: GAIM – A fantastic multi protocol agent, get rid of multiple clients; MSN, ICQ and go for one and do it OS(Open Source) instead
  • Vector graphics: Inkscape – Uses the SVG standard format
  • Raster graphics: GIMP – From it’s roots come GTK+ and Gnome not as many features as Photoshop but one heck of a better price :)

That is just a short list of the programs I use at work. You may find that most of the popular Linux applications have a Windows port. But you may say why bother when what I’m using works and how will my use benefit anyone? Well when you use this products at work and someone comes is having trouble with one of the proprietary programs then you can show them what OS(Open Source) has to offer and you have the installation on offer for them to use it on their computer. As we break down the stigma that OS(Open Source) software is “hard to use” or “for geeks only” with these GUI Windows programs Linux wont seem like such a large step for people if you say, “You know that you have been using for X months. In Linux is exactly the same.”

So give it a try and take up the Open Source Challenge today :)