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Death in a Digital Age

I have recently experienced a death in the family, which has started me wondering about how our digital persona’s will live on.

I personally spend alot of time on the internet, a couple of hours a day at least. Spending my time reading email and rss, writing a blog entry (ocasionally :P ), particiapating in online discussion (Stack Overflow at the moment), buying stuff, reasearching stuff. There is just soo many things that I rely on the internet for.

But at what point do these things dissapear, with the cheapness of media maybe what we create will exisit on forever. This webpage may not as hosts come and go like my first provider, but you can still see entries from there, not very pretty ones, with the internet archive.

It just goes to show that there really isn’t anyone who produces on the internet will ever trully die and therefore no one should be lost to history no matter how small your percived contribution was.

Just makes you think doesn’t it.

The house is finished!

Have you ever noticed that as time goes buy your passion for different things start to wain? I do it seems some things that you thought was important is not so important any more. Like blogging for instance :P

It has been quite a while now mainly because work has been heating up for me. I went on a week long trip to China visiting different customers.

And most importantly our house was finished and we moved in about 4 weeks ago Yey!

And we are loving it, the cat hasn’t adjusted too bad either. But the money is now flowing out finishing off the house. Oh well such is the life of a mortgagee.

Big News

Well once again me like some of my friends find it hard to actually get to the content page and add new stuff to their blogs but I think the news of the last 2 weeks really deserves a blog post.

Well probably the biggest news is from this week, Merinda and I have bought a block of land! And get this it’s in Mernda, that will make for interesting conversations and lots of spelling names over the phone. And it only took us a week to go from looking at existing properties to buying land and looking at houses to build!

With stamp duty here in Victoria being so high it doesn’t really make much sense to buy a fairly expensive property that will be over 20 years old.

The other big news is that I received a employee recognition award which is always quite strange. It was for integrating one of Microsoft’s better technologies into our product, the ability to write mini-dumps in the event of crash. Which then allows us to see the stack and trace the line of code that the crash occurs on.

Finally I wish to say that mustang (or JDK6 as it is now known) ROCKS it makes programs such as jbidwatcher seem so much more polished. With true double buffering the windows no longer goes gray when repainting, and the new register allocator that I talked about a while ago makes every java application fly. It’s still in beta but when it releases for real it will be a great step forward and with the open sourcing of the platform to be complete by ruffly the end of 2007 I’m looking forward to more java technology into the future.

Geek Strength

Well I just can’t win just a day after I got rid of the Band-Aid on one hand I get a blister on the other.

I can never seem to win with this car thing, one week I crunch another I had a battery that needed a jump start. This week it’s the radiator yet again. A few weeks ago our new car needed a top tank in the radiator because it broke. When it broke we were just pulling up at my parents in-law’s house, my farther in law is a mechanic, and there was steam everywhere as the coolant leaked out.

Well today it was the radiator again wasn’t it, again with the steam everywhere and the temperature in the red, somewhere you would never like to see it. So I went to a service station to get some water for the radiator but I couldn’t get the cap off. I struggled for almost 30 minutes to get the cap off, seeing as I’m not the strongest person in the world it wasn’t a huge stretch to think that it was just too tight for my little arms.

Luckily I was at a service station that had a garage attached so I was able to ask for assistance in getting the cap off. Though it wasn’t my strength because he had to use a pair of multi-grips to get it off :). Which made me feel a little better about the situation.

The car was down about 2 litres of coolant which was not good the initial thought was that the thermostat had stuck, however this morning I checked the car and it seems that it has been leaking coolant, so I bought some radiator stop leak. It is the weirdest stuff, I thought it would be a liquid but it’s a liquid with rubber pellets in it. Obviously they melt with the head an stick in any leaks in the cooling system. Hmm hopefully it has done the trick and I wont need to worry about the car again for a while…. Fingers crossed. Hmm some days I just hate cars.


Well today is an interesting one it started off normal but before I had even got to work this morning it had gone down the proverbial gurgler.

On my route to work which takes me about an hour I go through one set of traffic lights which with two right hand turning lanes. Today there was a truck in the left hand lane of the two so without even giving it a second thought I scooted down the right and side thinking I had plenty of room. Oh but how I was wrong it was not quite enough room I didn’t clear it’s tail gate and I went with a big *screech* down the side of my car leaving me with a bent aerial and my mirror not quite right.

No Aerial

Small dent

But as if this was bad enough by itself, once I got around the corner I pulled off and went to have a look at the damage I pulled up the aerial and fixed the mirror, but gashed my finger in the process. So off I went blood dripping to the nearest Petrol Station to clean it and get some Band-Aids, dripped my lovely blood through the shop and got cleaned up.

Then went off again to work now with no aerial and a throbbing finger with and ever darkening dressing. I would have to say that changing gears was now a bit more painful than before and I must have looked a bit strange with my hand up in the air, above my head, whenever I stopped at a set of lights.

I would finally like to say it’s a darn sight difficult to type without the use of my left hand index finger, which is not good since my occupation kind of requires it. Oh well back to waiting for programs to compile and requirements to import. :D

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Summer School

Well today I started summer school, o yey, doing Professional Issues in Information Technology and as most people who read this would know the first lecture consists of watch i, robot and writing an essay on it. But lucky me with the accelerated course doesn’t get the week to write the essay I get just one day so before I go off and start to write the next masterpiece I thought it was time for a bit of procrastination.

I have finished work for the year since this summer school stuff will just be too much work to even think about working in the afternoons and on top of that we are moving Thursday week so the house is a mess and you know that moving is a stress in itself at any time in your life.

We also finally upgraded our digital camera the other day. We went out and got a Canon S2 IS, which doesn’t have any RAW format but that is my only gripe about the camera it takes images and video and stores it fast which is a nice change from my previous camera, my trusty Kodak DC215 which in it’s time was the first cheap camera with optical zoom. But it just doesn’t cut it today anyway here is pic of me sized down from the giant 5MP which is just a bit too much to put on a blog :P.

I am also now working on a piece of software for my wife, scratching an itch as always however it is hers not mine. It is a teachers journal program for keeping track of different aspects of students and teaching. I am hoping to have a working alpha for her when school goes back in the new year but we will see. Software Development always takes longer than expected. It is written in Java of course but this time round I am going to use SWT instead of Swing which is a bit of an adventure. I will keep you posted, maybe a few screenshots when I get something working and a link to the site once it is release, open source of course.

Till the sands of time do we meet again, “Keep on truckin’”

Weird People

You know the people who ask to bum a ciggy or som cash… The ones you are just walking along the street then they stop and talk to you… Well last night I went to the pharmacy to get som cold and flu tablets and some people asked me if I would drive them somewhere… Now that’s some nerve. So then of course they asked “why?”, I gave them the simple reason “I don’t take strangers in my car.” Weird peole….

Hmm I don’t know what happened to them but I’m sure no one whould have taken them in their car to where they wanted to go… Or are people still that trusting… Interesting idea…

"Watch out for falling branches"

That is one of my favourite lines from my mother in law, she said it once to my now sister in law back in 2000 as she drove off to work when it was a bit windy. But today driving to work I see what she would have meant.

The weather here in Melbourne brought the most rain ever since records began in 1856 (see the Age) . On my way to work today there were 7 traffic lights out of commission, one very large puddle and Bullen road was closed making me go the long way to work :).

Just loads of fun really…. Only 2 more weeks here at work too then it’s back to Uni for me. To get the piece of paper so then I might start earning some Real money.

Attack of the White Van

When the van’s attack!

Now that I have your attention :mrgreen: I’ll actually get going on what I want to say. I was running over an hour late for work today because I hit the off button rather than the snooze (big mistake). But anyway I just noticed that how after the 9am call to work ie. the time most people start how all the tradesmen all drive white vans.

They were just everywhere what I guess that I have never noticed before is that they are all white. Why not a nice green or blue? Must be so they can get all their logos put over it. Hmm anyway just a little rant for the day.

Hope you have had a better one than me (ie. didn’t sleep in).

What's going down?

It’s been a while since my last post so I thought it would be about time that I got off my butt and wrote something :P. Basically over the last few weeks I have been just doing work as usual so nothing much.

p. We (My wife and I) did buy a new car, a Hyundai Excel 1993, only problem is I got it without a road worthy. Boy I never thought it would be such a ring around with all the stuff you would have to do. From getting a permit to drive an unregistered vehicle, to a roadworthy with the associated repairs then a booking with Vicroads to get it registered then get some more number plates and pay the rego. Boy it’s a lot of work but on Monday (4th Oct) we will now have 2 cars yey.

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