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MMMM Mustang

I hate to just blog about someone else’s blog but hey improvements in Java like this don’t come around everyday.

In the latest build of Java 6.0, Mustang, they have implemented a better register allocator and have managed to speed up the Hotspot Client by 58%. Now that is amazing and with other improvements like lock coarsening and escape analysis this platform is just going to fly. I can’t wait.


You know what one of the hardest things to do after a year off (I was on IBL for a year at VSL) is STUDY.

I was trying all of last week, I got a little bit done but really not enough. After last year when I could come home and forget about work to this year being back on 24/7 with everything really sucks. So what did I do I started coding… Probably not the best idea but it has been fun.

I’m working on a program I call “TimeTracker” which is really a task timer for work so that at the end of the week I know where my 7.5 hours a day go at work. It is mainly based on TimeTool for Windows. It’s written in Java of course and is a lot of fun to get back into the coding side so here is a pre-alpha screenshot of TimeTracker.

Pre-Alpa screenshot of TimeTracker

Java 5 Released

Java 5 was released by Sun today. You get can get your J2SE development kit or JRE from here it’s been a long time coming but word has it that 6 will be out next year, or so says NewsForge we will see.

I haven’t had a chance to acctually code anything yet but playing around with the demo applets that came with it shows promise. Also the new Ocean look and feel works well when I fired up the most recent release of JEdit. Now… time for some J5 codeing :mrgreen:.

Are you ready for Java 5.0?

Surfing around today I found that the next major release of Java will not be the long awaited 1.5 but have decided to go straight for 5.0.

Java has always had a rather strange numbering system as they called Java 1.2, Java 2. This saw the inclusion of the swing toolkit among other things which was the real start for Java as a multi-platform solution as it allowed programmers to create one program with a GUI that could be run on any OS(Operating System) with a Java Runtime Environment or JRE.

But what is getting into Java 5.0 that makes Sun’s marketing department justify such a large jump in numbering? Well from the user perspective we will see another improvement in speed but not all that much new functionality. However programmatically we programmers will see a great deal of change and most likely many more pages into Java in a Nutshell 5th edition when it’s released. Some of these features include:

  • Generics – Similar to templates from C++
  • Automatic type conversion – from primitives to objects ie. int to Integer, double to Double…

This probably doesn’t really explain the fact that the people at Sun can not count but it’s probably more logical than when Netscape went from version 4.5 to 6 just to be at the same version number as Internet Explorer.

Open source Java

Just reading OSNews as I always do low and behold Java will become open source :smile: See Here

As said “it might be today, tomorrow or two years down the road” but hey if it is one day then yey for the people who can then hack it to really rock :razz:

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