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Death in a Digital Age

I have recently experienced a death in the family, which has started me wondering about how our digital persona’s will live on.

I personally spend alot of time on the internet, a couple of hours a day at least. Spending my time reading email and rss, writing a blog entry (ocasionally :P ), particiapating in online discussion (Stack Overflow at the moment), buying stuff, reasearching stuff. There is just soo many things that I rely on the internet for.

But at what point do these things dissapear, with the cheapness of media maybe what we create will exisit on forever. This webpage may not as hosts come and go like my first provider, but you can still see entries from there, not very pretty ones, with the internet archive.

It just goes to show that there really isn’t anyone who produces on the internet will ever trully die and therefore no one should be lost to history no matter how small your percived contribution was.

Just makes you think doesn’t it.

Junk eBay and Bank Accounts

Over the last week or so I have found out something that most people have probably known for a long time, eBay is great way to get rid of junk from you home. If you have stuff in your hows that you you don’t use any more, and I know we all do. That game that you clocked, CD that you have duplicate of etc.

But as I went through the whole process I realized that I really don’t want to give out bank details of my main bank account. So I went bank shopping, and as always I went straight for infochoice for banking. It’s a great way to go shopping for information without going to every banks page one by one.

I thought it would be pretty simple to find a bank that would not charge me any fees and allow me to transfer between that account and external banks via Internet banking without any fees. So just a place to let money get to from eBay.

But going through the Commonwealth, National, Westpac nothing they were all going to charge me fees for just having a bank account with them. Finally I found the ANZ Access Select account which was gave me the things I was after and even an access card for up to 6 purchases a month.

So if you are after a simple bank account to keep your privacy when handling money via on line auctions or simply the trading post I would recommend this account for you.

Google on the desktop?

Just a quick thing I was reading that I found quite interesing while reading the Google Blog. That it looks like we will see Microsoft-Netscape type battle all over again but this time with the worlds most popular search engine.

Read the article on at the NY Times

aaNet price hike

It is a sad day today I logged my beloved aaNet Forums only to find that the cheapest adsl provider in Australia will nolonger be so cheap :(. Thankfully for me already being signed up I wont have any price increases but if anyone after July 31st when the new prices come in wont be so lucky.

To see the anoucement by Cat Carroll check here

So if your after a cheap no frills adsl provider for cheap make sure you sign up really soon.