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Down again?

This week the blog went down again with “500 Internal Server Error” again. This time however I believe that the problem has been resolved for good this time however.

Back when I started this blog in 2003 with WordPress 1.0 there was no WYSIWYG editor so I wrote the first 18 months of posts in Textile before WordPress 2.0 was released with the TinyMCE editor for writing posts. And after that I couldn’t be bothered re-formatting them so I left the Textile plugin turned on and as it turns out it created the problems so hopefully it’s all finished with now. Thanks again to the support staff of Profusehost.

Internal Server Error

I have been experiencing troubles with wordpress recently causing “500 Internal Service” errors from apache, causing the php scripts to crash apache with a o so useful “segmentation fault” but all is well now. Thanks to John from profusehost for working so tirelessly on fixing this issue. You are still the greatest free webspace there is.

Cracking 1,000

After 27 Months (2 Years, 3 Months), 104 posts, a change of host, the addition of a gallery and many changes in theme. JBlog this month has had over 1,000 unique visitors.

Although it’s not really that large in the grand scheme of things but it’s significant to me :P.

There has been a large increase in traffic this month in particular since last month I received just over 600 unique visitors for July and most of the additional traffic seem to be coming from the main page of my provider profusehost. It has been linked from there since a week after the move from buildtolearn but they must be receiving a lot more hits too.

That’s all there is folks.


Hey all. It’s been a while but hey buildtolean’s mysql server was down for about 5 days making blogging impossible and made me start to thing whether or not it is time to move to a more stable provider. Possibly one I would pay for. But hey I’m a tight arse and I’m not going to start paying for webspace just yet.

We upgraded or mobile phones on the weekend and jumped on the 3G bandwagon because Orange in Australia is now dissolving because of Telstra’s decision to dismantle their CDMA network in 2 years time.

But my new phone has a camera so now I can shoot any time I want without having to remember the digital camera. Here’s a shot of my new laptop running the program I am working on at the moment.

Benq s52