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Longhorn faces another delay

Yet another delay has been announced for the next versoin of windows codenamed Longhorn. Will this give futher chance for Linux to gain a foothold in the Desktop market only time will tell. But by the time it is released in late 2006 we on the current 6 month release schedule we should see Gnome 2.16, if version 2 at all maybe into 3?? and probably Fedora Release 6.

Check the story at infoworld

A tale of emerge world

Last night I set out to update my Gentoo system1 using emerge with the simple commands:

$ emerge sync
$ emerge world

This was to be a fairly major upgrade as I was going from Gnome 2.4 to 2.6 which wasn’t anything to be laughed at but onto of this I would be upgrading gcc as well. I once tryed to upgrade gcc on Red Hat Linux 8 which ended in a system that would not boot :( so I thought I might be in for a rather hands on upgrade process, however I was wrong.

I also once upgraded Gnome on my Red Hat Linux 9 using GARNOME which took ages and killed my laptop when it ran out of hard disk space, but that’s another story, it rendered my system basically useless as I upgraded diffent libraries from underneath the currently running gnome. However with this upgrade everything still worked, except for Evolution (I see now it’s Novel Evolution instead of Ximian Evolution) during it’s upgrade from 1.4.5 to 1.4.6. Other than that all went well some icons went missing after the upgrade to GTK but it still kept going.

In the end it was time to get some rest but it was still upgrading so I did a quick ctl-c to call up halt and then issued a:

$ emerge world && poweroff

Then went off to bed :eek: got up this morning started it up again and it just booted and Gnome started no problems what so ever 8) ran a:

$ etc-update

Merged like 17 files and that was it. It just worked. I am so happy I knew Gentoo was good but hey now I’m a real Gentoo addict. It might be alot harder to install than a Red Hat and source distrobution takes ages to compile but hey who cares? When updating is this easy who needs to ever re-install anyway :D It has made my very boring week not too bad.

Should be taking some screenshots sometime soon check back then to see my Gnome 2.6 in all of it’s glory.

1 I am running a stable x86 Gentoo system with a 2.6.5-gentoo-r1 kernel with a Gnome window manager.