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This is my first post written on my Palm Tungsten E. Since I only realy need a plain text editor to accomplish this I am just using Palm Memos. Just from this short paragraph I can see that this may take quite a while :smile:. Even with Graffiti 2 I make almost as many bad characters as I make good.

Anyway the reason that I am writing on my pda is that my computer here at work is being used by Rational Robot in combination with PureCoverage to generate coverage analysis of our automated test suite. I would think that IBM would be able to make these two tools work well together. Like I have changed all of the ‘StartApplication’ to ‘StartAppUnderCoverage’ so Robot knows that the app is running under hevey instrementation it could just increase the amount of time that it waits between commands. Or at least wait while an instance of PureCoverage finishes automerging the last run. But Nooo it doesn’t so now what was an “automated” GUI test suite turns in to a hand holding event.

So as it turns out I have just spent today reading Free Culture by Laurence Lessig on my pda while keeping one eye on the automated tests. So being very tired and just sitting here playing baby sitter all day just using my pda makes for a very long day… Oh well my strike rate is getting higher will probably go back to reading and hey at least I still get paid the same whether I feel productive or not :wink:.

Rampant movie piracy?


Last weekend I went along to see Shrek 2, a great movie :wink:, however that is not the topic of discussion today. There are I’m sure many other places you can go for a review of Shrek 2.

What I am more interested in is two trailers that were on during the 20 or so minutes of ads before the movie started.

First there was a trailer for Spiderman 2, wow Hollywood is really going out of there way this year to give us something we’ve never seen :roll:, however this was not one of those standard teaser trailers to get you to come back to the movies when it was released. It was a trailer showing off all the wiz bang special effects that was going to be in the movie. Telling you that the cinema is the only place to get the real movie experience. I thought to myself “Hey they are really trying to get people to stop downloading pirated movies here.” but that didn’t prepare me for the trailer after it.

Second was a trailer in a similar visual style to the tough on drugs ads that the federal government run, i.e. a grungy style of lighting and locations. It went through a standard run of how people wouldn’t steal a car or a physical movie, so why would you download a movie from the internet? This argument is very similar to that of the music industry and the related ARIA against Kazza. Are we headed for another battle, this time from AFACT?

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Open source Java

Just reading OSNews as I always do low and behold Java will become open source :smile: See Here

As said “it might be today, tomorrow or two years down the road” but hey if it is one day then yey for the people who can then hack it to really rock :razz: