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A Truly Free Domain

Kitten with Money

If you have ever had a personal website, like me, you would know that your url to your website is important

However if you are also don’t like to pay for things that you can get for free, such as webhosting, you end up with a url that is not as nice as a top level domain.

There are some free domains at the top level but the never have the same feeling of a .net or .com.

So how did I get a .net without using my own money? Well I did but not through a credit card or check I did it by filling out online surveys. They offer cash out via paypal then all I needed was to buy the domain using the survey money.

I had enough in about 3 months just filling out surveys during my usual time on the web.

I ended up buying the domain through namecheap. They offer WhoIsGuard for free for the first year which is a great service so your personal details don’t show up in whois searches.

So it’s not entirely free but if you don’t value your time too much it’s not much work to do a few surveys and have a professional looking domain for your website.

And yes that is my cat! He is a year old now but still very cute, when I bought my last car the seller insisted on cash, I just couldn’t resist the photo opportunity.

Ready Set Rant

Well are you all ready for yet another rant about people and their cars? Well I certainly am.

Last Friday I was pulling out of a car park and I noticed as I was pulling back that the person directly behind me had their reversing lights on also but as a I was already going and they were just starting I thought, “Hey I’m right here just keep going and they will wait”. Well how wrong I was! grrr.

So I got halfway out just about to put my car into 1st gear and I see this person pulling out I thought “Oh no!” so I hit the horn…. But to no avail this looser just kept coming all I could do was sit there hand on horn and wait for the inevitable… Once they realized what happened they quickly pulled back in and I get out to assess the damage.

Thankfully they didn’t cause any damage. But they didn’t even get out of their car; this stupid looking Kia Carnaval thing. I couldn’t believe it they just sat their. But as there was no damage it was Friday evening and I had my dinner in the car going cold I just couldn’t be bothered with it all. So I left….

Now I guess they couldn’t see my little Excel in their giant blind spot maybe but to not stop while there is a horn going for like 3 seconds behind you is just plain stupid… Grrr.

Enough of that now I’m getting red blooded just thinking about it. I checked broken code into source control last week, a first for me. We are in the middle of a giant refactor of our codebase so it’s only natural that I can’t do it alone but checking in code that leaves the copy under source control unable to compile just feels dirty…

Oh well until next time rant on brother/sister.

Geek Strength

Well I just can’t win just a day after I got rid of the Band-Aid on one hand I get a blister on the other.

I can never seem to win with this car thing, one week I crunch another I had a battery that needed a jump start. This week it’s the radiator yet again. A few weeks ago our new car needed a top tank in the radiator because it broke. When it broke we were just pulling up at my parents in-law’s house, my farther in law is a mechanic, and there was steam everywhere as the coolant leaked out.

Well today it was the radiator again wasn’t it, again with the steam everywhere and the temperature in the red, somewhere you would never like to see it. So I went to a service station to get some water for the radiator but I couldn’t get the cap off. I struggled for almost 30 minutes to get the cap off, seeing as I’m not the strongest person in the world it wasn’t a huge stretch to think that it was just too tight for my little arms.

Luckily I was at a service station that had a garage attached so I was able to ask for assistance in getting the cap off. Though it wasn’t my strength because he had to use a pair of multi-grips to get it off :). Which made me feel a little better about the situation.

The car was down about 2 litres of coolant which was not good the initial thought was that the thermostat had stuck, however this morning I checked the car and it seems that it has been leaking coolant, so I bought some radiator stop leak. It is the weirdest stuff, I thought it would be a liquid but it’s a liquid with rubber pellets in it. Obviously they melt with the head an stick in any leaks in the cooling system. Hmm hopefully it has done the trick and I wont need to worry about the car again for a while…. Fingers crossed. Hmm some days I just hate cars.


Well today is an interesting one it started off normal but before I had even got to work this morning it had gone down the proverbial gurgler.

On my route to work which takes me about an hour I go through one set of traffic lights which with two right hand turning lanes. Today there was a truck in the left hand lane of the two so without even giving it a second thought I scooted down the right and side thinking I had plenty of room. Oh but how I was wrong it was not quite enough room I didn’t clear it’s tail gate and I went with a big *screech* down the side of my car leaving me with a bent aerial and my mirror not quite right.

No Aerial

Small dent

But as if this was bad enough by itself, once I got around the corner I pulled off and went to have a look at the damage I pulled up the aerial and fixed the mirror, but gashed my finger in the process. So off I went blood dripping to the nearest Petrol Station to clean it and get some Band-Aids, dripped my lovely blood through the shop and got cleaned up.

Then went off again to work now with no aerial and a throbbing finger with and ever darkening dressing. I would have to say that changing gears was now a bit more painful than before and I must have looked a bit strange with my hand up in the air, above my head, whenever I stopped at a set of lights.

I would finally like to say it’s a darn sight difficult to type without the use of my left hand index finger, which is not good since my occupation kind of requires it. Oh well back to waiting for programs to compile and requirements to import. :D

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

What's going down?

It’s been a while since my last post so I thought it would be about time that I got off my butt and wrote something :P. Basically over the last few weeks I have been just doing work as usual so nothing much.

p. We (My wife and I) did buy a new car, a Hyundai Excel 1993, only problem is I got it without a road worthy. Boy I never thought it would be such a ring around with all the stuff you would have to do. From getting a permit to drive an unregistered vehicle, to a roadworthy with the associated repairs then a booking with Vicroads to get it registered then get some more number plates and pay the rego. Boy it’s a lot of work but on Monday (4th Oct) we will now have 2 cars yey.

Geekboy vs Car

Any geek would know that would know that to be successful you need to know one of two things; Computers or Cars. But not necessarily both.

Well when I was driving home with my wife on Saturday my Toyota Corona’s temperature gage went into the red :eek:. So I pulled over and refilled the overflow thinking that I had just forgot to fill it up. Waited 10 minutes then set off again. The gage quickly went into the red again but this time I was not stopping for anyone.

When I pulled up at home the car was sizzling, black smoke and everything, maybe running the car on red for 10 minutes was not such the great idea I first thought it was.

Anyway I left the car for a few hours then went back and opened the radiator and found it empty. So naturally I filled it up, 5 litres of water later it was full. Now to check where that leak was coming from. I noticed a slow drip coming from somewhere in the engine. But it was slow so I thought I would just keep topping it up every couple of days till I could get the car to a mechanic.

When I got up on Sunday all looked good only about 300ml had seemed to have leaked out again so no worries. However after a while the car went back into the red again. I had lost all my radiator fluid again. So I got on the phone to my Father in law (my mechanic :wink:) and was running through the problem with him when I realised that the leak wasn’t coming from the engine but from one of the heater hoses the same hose that had a leak last time I ran into this problem.

So off I went and go my trusty PC repair kit, why because I don’t have any screwdrivers in my toolbox :smile:, un-screwed the clasp around the hose and cut off the end where the split was. Clasped the hose back onto the car and away we went.

So in the end the car has no permanent damage and I proved that a Geekboy like myself does have a chance of doing the manly thing and fixing his car without having to pay an exorbitant amount to a mechanic, may Dad hasn’t failed at teaching me how to fix my own car after all :smile:. All’s well that ends well and I live to drive my 20 year old car for another day.