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Comment spammers

I recently changed to Spam karma for my spam blocking (see bottom of page for spam count) and thus get a summary of all spam that gets cut from this blog but the most interesting thing I’ve noticed is that these comment spammers are smartening up.

Most of them want you to go to their online casino but now these spammers don’t just point you there they are putting their web address in that field and then as a comment start saying something nice about the site. So the unsuspecting blog owner might let them slide. Interesting none the less but go on Mr Karma just keep eating those spam :).

I was watching since it expired yesterday (3rd Feb) and since the owner is just selling the domain I thought they would just let it slide. But NOOOO they want to renew it and try to keep selling the freaking domain…

How many people in the world would want Not too many I’m sure. Anyway it might just have to be, yahoo has a sale on so maybe soon…. A real domain of my own :)

New Style

Well if you haven’t noticed already… JBlog has a new look…

Tell me what you think I can always go back if that’s what is wanted. I just think the new colour scheme is a bit cleaner.


Finally and end to my comment spam. Yesterday I added a plug-in to this blog on the comments adding a picture based security code to my website. Rather neat I think so no more spam for me!! Only real comments which is great. For now anyway…

This gets me to then end of my lunch break so back to hacking :)

Stop It

I tell you what I am sick to death of all the spam that is now getting put into the comments of my blog :twisted:.

Every day it seems now that some spammer is running around all the active blogs and submitting ads for casino’s and pharmaceuticals to my blog.

Now I have better things to do than just delete your comment spam now sod off.


Just an update on the site I have received over 500 unique visitors this month :). Well most are from Google with most hitting my emerge world and firefox tab extension posts great stuff I’m stoked :P.


Just a quick note that I have done a quick icon for the website, you will see it in the title bar in browsers using Gecko: Firefox, Mozilla, Epiphany etc. I created it using Inkscape and converted it into a ico using IfranView.

I also placed the folowing code in header block of my wordpress ‘index.php’:

	<link href="<?php echo get_settings("siteurl"); ?>/favicon.ico" rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon" />

And That’s it any feedback would be nice :mrgreen:.

I've made it

In my on going quest for Google supremecy my JBlog is now number 1 :). To do the search click here

I am also the number 1 JProgrammer search.

But proabbly the most interesting of all a search for buildtolearn my web host will get my blog in at 10th :) the last one on the first screen. Not too bad for only running the site for 2 months. To do that search click here

But now that I am number 1 what do I do from here? Maybe I need to get slashdotted and loose all my bandwidth in 1 hour????? :grin:

BlogSnob Ads

You may have noticed that I now have BlogSnob ads on this site it provides an easy way for Bloggers to gain advertising on other blogs through an algorithim that they say is fair. So far I have received 2 clicks through from 185 impressions of the add. So not too bad but then again not too flash either.

It may stay it may go I’ll see if I get any more visitors through it :)