How long can an install take?

After my success with installing Ubuntu on my Desktop system last week I installed it on my old Laptop as well this weekend. Bad idea

The laptop 400 Celeron with 192mb ram was running Fedora RC 2 so not too old and running at an acceptable rate :). So upgrading shouldn’t hurt it too much I thought.

But after 4-5 hours it was finished, I never knew a 1 CD install could take so long and I didn’t even download the updates I just installed straight from what was on the CD. And once the screen actually came up everything was slow. :(

However when I booted it this morning it was back to the same sort of level it was booting at with FRC2 so I’m happy now just some tweaking and I might have a reasonably usable system. But my old Wi-Fi card that I have worked a treat with the installer so in the end I am happy.

I do Ubuntu

Not long back(July 2004) I told a story of my love for Gentoo Linux. However I must confess this is now over :( my wondering has continued and last Monday night (18 Oct) I installed yet another distribution over Gentoo.

I went out and installed Ubuntu Linux in it’s pre-release 4.10. Yesterday however (21/10/2004) “Warty Warthog” went “Gold” ie. out of pre-release phase so tomorrow it’s off to update my system. Which like Gentoo will never need a reformat because they promise that the distribution will be upgradeable via apt-get alone. Which is great, for this was one of the main factors I appreciated in Gentoo in the first place.

But what really got me changed was the fact that the initial pre-release with Gnome 2.8 went out only a few days after 2.8.0 was officially available. A lot sooner than 2.8 was even in hard-masked testing in Gentoo.

Finally I was sick of playing around with emerge for the entire time I was on the computer rather than enjoying my Linux which from what I have read on the Ubuntu Forums is a rather large sticking point for a lot of people.

And as for now on you will notice I no longer have a Gentoo section on the Blog and it is now Ubuntu and once I finally get to have a bit of a play and finish setting it up I might get around to taking some screenies :P.

WP 1.2.1

WordPress 1.2.1 is out there are some bug and security fixes in there. No interface changes from what I have seen. But as with all security updates if you have a WordPress blog I suggest you update it.

Java 5 Released

Java 5 was released by Sun today. You get can get your J2SE development kit or JRE from here it’s been a long time coming but word has it that 6 will be out next year, or so says NewsForge we will see.

I haven’t had a chance to acctually code anything yet but playing around with the demo applets that came with it shows promise. Also the new Ocean look and feel works well when I fired up the most recent release of JEdit. Now… time for some J5 codeing :mrgreen:.

What's going down?

It’s been a while since my last post so I thought it would be about time that I got off my butt and wrote something :P. Basically over the last few weeks I have been just doing work as usual so nothing much.

p. We (My wife and I) did buy a new car, a Hyundai Excel 1993, only problem is I got it without a road worthy. Boy I never thought it would be such a ring around with all the stuff you would have to do. From getting a permit to drive an unregistered vehicle, to a roadworthy with the associated repairs then a booking with Vicroads to get it registered then get some more number plates and pay the rego. Boy it’s a lot of work but on Monday (4th Oct) we will now have 2 cars yey.


Last Thursday (9th Sep) I had a sick day. I never realised having a listed number was so dangerous, I had three telemarketers call me. Wow so I have to have a phone line so I can get ADSL and pay the monthly phone line rental. Just so that I can be bombarded with calls from people trying to sell me something.

Well not really sell me anything it’s trying to save me money on my mortgage, but wait a minute I rent. This wouldn’t annoy me so much if they asked if I had a mortgage first, however this is not the case you have to go through about 2 minutes of spiel before you even get to say no thanks.

p The bigger problem with this is that they now use automatic dialing machines you have to sit there for a couple of seconds saying hello before someone is even there to talk back.

Oh well I suppose one day I’ll just go to cable internet and an IP phone and hopefully say goodbye to all this random call SPAM which is what it really is but we cannot install a spam filter to get rid of it :(.

One question remains we all know email spam doesn’t get a great reply rate. With a 1 in 100,000 response rate for an email Spam run to be profitable and 1 in 100 for Postal spam (figures from I wonder would make a telephone spam run be effective? 1 in 50, 1 in 10, 1 in 5?

In the end I have to answer “Number withheld” calls because many legitimate businesses and people call me from withheld numbers and I really don’t want to take my number out of the phone book because I for one use the white pages often to find a phone number. I guess this is just one of those things that you have to deal with in the consumer driven world.


Just an update on the site I have received over 500 unique visitors this month :). Well most are from Google with most hitting my emerge world and firefox tab extension posts great stuff I’m stoked :P.

Real GMail Checker

I got a GMail account about a month ago and I’ve run through alot of GMail checkers to find one that fits. I used the FireFox extension found here but then on Slashdot I saw that google have released their own version, gmail-helper.

It’s not stripping web pages so the speed is incredible and the interface is really good. It even get’s through the firewall :). So if you have GMail and run Wind0wz then go get it here.