Software Engineering

It’s been a long time since my last post, in that time I have moved house, done summer school and started full time work. And that goodness for that last point I am so sick of study. Only one more exam tomorrow to go yey.

Anyway today I came across such a great article that I just have to share it with the no readers I have here :P. Software Engineering, Not Computer Science it talks about how Software Development should really be thought as engineering and not a science or an art so much.

Lucky for me I am now a qualified Software Engineer however with the decline in numbers my Course at Swinburne will no longer be offered. And such a relevant course to do o well alot of maths isn’t for everyone.

Woooo Ho

I Passed

Now it’s only this summer school subject to go now and then it’s all over and I get to goto work and forget about Uni. And go to my job where work stays at work and I can just get on with being a Software Engineer.

Summer School

Well today I started summer school, o yey, doing Professional Issues in Information Technology and as most people who read this would know the first lecture consists of watch i, robot and writing an essay on it. But lucky me with the accelerated course doesn’t get the week to write the essay I get just one day so before I go off and start to write the next masterpiece I thought it was time for a bit of procrastination.

I have finished work for the year since this summer school stuff will just be too much work to even think about working in the afternoons and on top of that we are moving Thursday week so the house is a mess and you know that moving is a stress in itself at any time in your life.

We also finally upgraded our digital camera the other day. We went out and got a Canon S2 IS, which doesn’t have any RAW format but that is my only gripe about the camera it takes images and video and stores it fast which is a nice change from my previous camera, my trusty Kodak DC215 which in it’s time was the first cheap camera with optical zoom. But it just doesn’t cut it today anyway here is pic of me sized down from the giant 5MP which is just a bit too much to put on a blog :P.

I am also now working on a piece of software for my wife, scratching an itch as always however it is hers not mine. It is a teachers journal program for keeping track of different aspects of students and teaching. I am hoping to have a working alpha for her when school goes back in the new year but we will see. Software Development always takes longer than expected. It is written in Java of course but this time round I am going to use SWT instead of Swing which is a bit of an adventure. I will keep you posted, maybe a few screenshots when I get something working and a link to the site once it is release, open source of course.

Till the sands of time do we meet again, “Keep on truckin’”

Death to open source by virus scan

Today for the first time my virus scanner here at work started deleting files. Identifying them as the Prockill-DF virus. It wasn’t going to take any chances and deleted the files what was interesting was what files it identified:

Are you getting my drift here it’s after all the setup programs for open source products. The problem has been identified by McAfee in 4629 DAT but this is a simple way to rid the windows world of open source products. Get the anti-virus to take them out for us.

Just look at them all.

Alarm where?

I was at the supermarket last night and an alarm went off in the fruit and veg section an no one even battered an eyelid including me. Well it was 9PM so there wasn’t too many people around but it still raises the question that if there was a real reason for alarm, say a burglar that no one would even worry and we would all be dead.

Just a thought.

MMMM Mustang

I hate to just blog about someone else’s blog but hey improvements in Java like this don’t come around everyday.

In the latest build of Java 6.0, Mustang, they have implemented a better register allocator and have managed to speed up the Hotspot Client by 58%. Now that is amazing and with other improvements like lock coarsening and escape analysis this platform is just going to fly. I can’t wait.

Lazy Blogging

Well it is almost a month since I last ranted and I have been busy I just haven’t blogged about it :P

I went to the Ben Lee / Missy Higgins concert last week. It was a fantastic!! Ben Lee is such an entertainer he:

  • Kissed girls in the crowd
  • Played a ringtone of his own song
  • Jumped off the drum kit

Much fun was had by all. Not only did he play songs off his new album but he also played songs from the later 2 albums including Cigarettes will kill you, and too my surprise the crowd new the song. Not so much so with Missy and here cover of the fins brothers song “Stuff and nonsense”.

I did my first exam on Wednesday for Advanced .NET Programming getting me one Bill love subject down and one to go. As I have been learning .NET I must say it’s a pretty nice platform and .NET 2.0 with generics will be a big help. However I think I am a bit more of a fan of Mono which is a the open source .NET platform made primarily by the ximian guys (now Novell). But actually fully implementing .NET in an open source manner is much cooler and it is cross platform unlike the MS one.

Also LugRadio is back for season 3 and much fun can be had in the first 2 episodes :) Nothing like a bunch of Poms banging on about Linux.

Petrol Station Lazyness

When I went in to refill my car last week I noticed yet another social oddity. How people refuse to fill up on the opposite side to their car. While I don’t personally have a problem with reaching over my car. So when I went to fill up there were about 5 cars waiting and 3 spare pumps. All on the wrong side for these people.

So I was able to refill and pay before these people even got to the pump.


O well back to hacking my Petrol station simulations for .NET

More Weird People

In March I reported on weird people at my local chemist, and yesterday I found more weird people around my home, North Melbourne.

I was driving home yesterday and a red Commodore, with trailer, pulled out in front of me needing quick thinking and a abrupt braking. Which was proceeded with the obligatory honk on the horn, as you do. But these weird people, 4 not so nice looking males, thought it was rude of me to do this. So while waiting next to them at the next set of traffic lights the passenger decided that I deserved my car to be spat on for this horn honking.

My goodness if you pull out in front of people what do you expect… I am just going to role over and not get pissed off like really. If you pull out in front of someone you will get a horn honking so there… Now I have had my rank and they can’t bash me up over it….


Motivation is quite a strange beast. I can have unlimited motivation for say… Software Testing and Reliabilty which I have failed once already I have none, and stay up till all hours of the morning finishing an assignment the night before it is due?

But even worse than that is when you are at home and there is a million and one things to do in terms of cleaning and all I can do is spend my day coding :P. Or pointlessly writing in a blog.

O well….

I have just upgraded to the RC of Ubuntu for “Breezy Badger” and the improvements are vast but most impressive is the graphical boot looks to be a frame buffer and also a side note the post install has a frame buffer giving a percentage complete which is much nicer than before which was just pages of apt scrolling by…. anyway back to coding…. mmmm coding.