For a while now I have been waiting for tomboy to be ported to windows because I am stuck in windows land for now because of my sound problem. However on the net it is always talked about having tomboy for Windows but no one has ever released anything that could be considered usable.

So I just started to search for a desktop wiki for windows and I came across wikidPad. It’s written in python using wxwidgets, it is uncompromisingly geeky. In that it is uses a wiki style markup and stores everything in text files, ahh the geekness. It has full regex search and incremental searching of pages. It exports to HTML for showing others.

So like Accountants use Excel for recording their thoughts and ideas I can now record in a wiki.

Other useful features is auto save and tags so you can always find what you were working on. I thoroughly recommend it for anyone who needs to record their ideas and loves not using the mouse, everything has keyboard shortcuts and it is a syntax based markup so no trying to find bold just type the syntax.

Laptop Support From Where?

I would like to say that I am completely disgusted with the support some vendors provide for their hardware. I have been trying to get sound working under Linux now for my BenQ S52-v54 for a long time now, it has now come to the point that I am trying to write a patch myself, yey for kernel hacking.

This is a documented bug in ALSA for my laptop as one of the notes said this is a CX20551 chipset from Conexant I event went to the trouble of filing for support:

The chipset on this laptop does not work under the Linux Alsa architecture and is a current bug request:

To develop a compatible driver for this chipset I wish to confirm that it is a CX20551. An exact number would be optimal.

Any support documentation and such as that available for the CX20468,,
would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Quite civil I thought I was just asking for a confirmation and possibly some documentation on the chipset that I own in my laptop. Not too demanding I just want to know about something I own. I filed it as a Linux support issue because it was relating to Linux but the question is not necessarily about supporting Linux. I’m not asking for them to provide drivers etc. I received the following reply:

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Geek Strength

Well I just can’t win just a day after I got rid of the Band-Aid on one hand I get a blister on the other.

I can never seem to win with this car thing, one week I crunch another I had a battery that needed a jump start. This week it’s the radiator yet again. A few weeks ago our new car needed a top tank in the radiator because it broke. When it broke we were just pulling up at my parents in-law’s house, my farther in law is a mechanic, and there was steam everywhere as the coolant leaked out.

Well today it was the radiator again wasn’t it, again with the steam everywhere and the temperature in the red, somewhere you would never like to see it. So I went to a service station to get some water for the radiator but I couldn’t get the cap off. I struggled for almost 30 minutes to get the cap off, seeing as I’m not the strongest person in the world it wasn’t a huge stretch to think that it was just too tight for my little arms.

Luckily I was at a service station that had a garage attached so I was able to ask for assistance in getting the cap off. Though it wasn’t my strength because he had to use a pair of multi-grips to get it off :). Which made me feel a little better about the situation.

The car was down about 2 litres of coolant which was not good the initial thought was that the thermostat had stuck, however this morning I checked the car and it seems that it has been leaking coolant, so I bought some radiator stop leak. It is the weirdest stuff, I thought it would be a liquid but it’s a liquid with rubber pellets in it. Obviously they melt with the head an stick in any leaks in the cooling system. Hmm hopefully it has done the trick and I wont need to worry about the car again for a while…. Fingers crossed. Hmm some days I just hate cars.

Names and Tags

I also took the Band-Aid off my finger for real today and it’s been very strange. It wasn’t too bad typing with the finger incapacitated but now with it working again it feels really strange as though all of the nerves in the finger have become more sensitive it is quite disconcerting actually and I am still using my middle finger for a lot of my picking up of different items. Quite strange.

O yes and as for the Tags I kept going back in time modifying each post back at least half way but there are just so many and I really wonder the point hmm maybe during the hours of compilation at work this week.

<Update removing references to now deleted image gallery>

Rant Alert!

Well everyone is up for a good rant at some time or another and today is time for mine.

We have a credit card, sometimes I really wonder if it is worth it, and we needed to fill in an identification form for the secondary card holder. However we were only told of this 6 months after we started using the card but anyway we only know a few people who are classified as a referee for this, and we don’t see them that often so the other card was suspended before we even had a chance to get it refereed. That is more of an annoyance than a complaint and this post is about a complaint.

My complaint/rant is about Part D, see below:

Part D

My complaint is about the second half of this form in particular, the place where you check the boxes under the words “I have examined EITHER”, you are presented with three mutually exclusive options here. I thought to myself why go to the bother of getting the Birth Certificate, Primary Identification, out when you can just use a Drivers Licence, Secondary Identification, I assumed by option 3. Wrong! Since I failed to see the section about a reason for only using a Secondary Identification Document in the section above my document was rejected.

Now I can understand that yes you should have a Primary Identification Document and that if you have a good reason for not having access to one you can use only a Secondary Identification Document, I just feel this document is misleading and can easily, like I did, be filled out incorrectly.

I’d just like to add typing without the use of my left hand index finger is turning out to be a little easier than I would have thought but it is still very annoying.


Well today is an interesting one it started off normal but before I had even got to work this morning it had gone down the proverbial gurgler.

On my route to work which takes me about an hour I go through one set of traffic lights which with two right hand turning lanes. Today there was a truck in the left hand lane of the two so without even giving it a second thought I scooted down the right and side thinking I had plenty of room. Oh but how I was wrong it was not quite enough room I didn’t clear it’s tail gate and I went with a big *screech* down the side of my car leaving me with a bent aerial and my mirror not quite right.

No Aerial

Small dent

But as if this was bad enough by itself, once I got around the corner I pulled off and went to have a look at the damage I pulled up the aerial and fixed the mirror, but gashed my finger in the process. So off I went blood dripping to the nearest Petrol Station to clean it and get some Band-Aids, dripped my lovely blood through the shop and got cleaned up.

Then went off again to work now with no aerial and a throbbing finger with and ever darkening dressing. I would have to say that changing gears was now a bit more painful than before and I must have looked a bit strange with my hand up in the air, above my head, whenever I stopped at a set of lights.

I would finally like to say it’s a darn sight difficult to type without the use of my left hand index finger, which is not good since my occupation kind of requires it. Oh well back to waiting for programs to compile and requirements to import. :D

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Freaking ALSA

Well I am still trying to get my sound card for my lovely new laptop to work in Linux, but it’s just not. I have googled so much and there is just an underlying problem with the card :(. The soundcard for this computer is actually part of the modem which really sucks and it just seems that there is no solution even with Dapper Flight 4 which was only released last week, that was a great waste of 650mb download. This is just frustrating, it says that the card is AC’97 compatible but it’s just not why o why can’t hardware manufacturers just do what they say they will.

So still no Linux love for me I just don’t know what to do wow is me.

A new host

I have just completed moving JBlog to a new host. After my last post my old host kept going down and the MySQL server didn’t get much better. So I packed up and moved here to a new host at which offers 1gb of storage… w00t and all that for the small price of putting some ad code on your site. And since I had some adsense on my site which I decided wasn’t worth it in the end. Hosting for the price of having the ads is worth it so there you go.

Hopefully from now on I can blog more and not worry about the database being down less. For those syndicating or coming from bookmarks you might want to update them since I have no idea how long it will be till my old host shuts down the service.


Hey all. It’s been a while but hey buildtolean’s mysql server was down for about 5 days making blogging impossible and made me start to thing whether or not it is time to move to a more stable provider. Possibly one I would pay for. But hey I’m a tight arse and I’m not going to start paying for webspace just yet.

We upgraded or mobile phones on the weekend and jumped on the 3G bandwagon because Orange in Australia is now dissolving because of Telstra’s decision to dismantle their CDMA network in 2 years time.

But my new phone has a camera so now I can shoot any time I want without having to remember the digital camera. Here’s a shot of my new laptop running the program I am working on at the moment.

Benq s52

Laptops and Email

Well it’s the start of a new year and I am back here at work. I have decided to get a laptop this year and finally replace my aging desktop. I got a Benq S52 v54 and got it salary sacrifice which is great.

A not about this laptop and Ubuntu though.. it doesn’t work, I got it working in widescreen using the 915resolution hack but that really doesn’t matter because the sound doesn’t work and acpi doesn’t work. So the laptop under ubuntu is basically useless. So I am using the WinXP (shiver) but I guess I will wait for Dapper Drake to come out and hopefully every thing is hunky dory. But for now I will just have to settle for windows and keep hacking on the Teachers tool for my wife there.

But here at work I have come across another interesting problem, we needed to integrate a c++ library for sending email to people to alert them to different situations. So I went on the hunt for a free smtp libarary that support HTML email, because we support multi-byte character sets such as Chinese as our main market. I came across a fantastic library from PJ Naughter called CPJNSMTPConnection which even contains a demo app. However for almost two days I fought with it getting a WSAECONNABORTED error on the connect command from WinSock. I eventually found the problem is with McAfee AntiVirus 8.0, you can see a full write up on it here.

But basically I put the information here for anyone else who comes up with this problem and goes for a Google.