Gaim 0.79

Gaim 0.79 was released today and there is one new feature that all of us MSN users will love. User Icons!

The icons come up everywhere:

  • They show up in your buddy list
  • They appear in the chat window
  • And most importantly you can set your own :)


For those of you who don’t know gaim is a multi-protocol IM(Instant Messenger) program. You can get it here and there is a MS Windows version too, I use it at work :P. Ohh one day, one day I will be able to work and use Linux at the same time. But until then there are so many great programs that are ported to Windows that I don’t fret too much.

Rampant movie piracy?


Last weekend I went along to see Shrek 2, a great movie :wink:, however that is not the topic of discussion today. There are I’m sure many other places you can go for a review of Shrek 2.

What I am more interested in is two trailers that were on during the 20 or so minutes of ads before the movie started.

First there was a trailer for Spiderman 2, wow Hollywood is really going out of there way this year to give us something we’ve never seen :roll:, however this was not one of those standard teaser trailers to get you to come back to the movies when it was released. It was a trailer showing off all the wiz bang special effects that was going to be in the movie. Telling you that the cinema is the only place to get the real movie experience. I thought to myself “Hey they are really trying to get people to stop downloading pirated movies here.” but that didn’t prepare me for the trailer after it.

Second was a trailer in a similar visual style to the tough on drugs ads that the federal government run, i.e. a grungy style of lighting and locations. It went through a standard run of how people wouldn’t steal a car or a physical movie, so why would you download a movie from the internet? This argument is very similar to that of the music industry and the related ARIA against Kazza. Are we headed for another battle, this time from AFACT?

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Firefox 0.9 released

Just a quick note that one of my favorite browsers, firefox, has just released another version, 0.9. It is by far the best browser available for windows and in which I do all my browsing here at work. So with a download footprint of just under 5mb who whouldn’t at least want to give it a shot, go on throw out that bloatware IE and just give it a go for a week, I’m sure you wont be disappointed.

Download here

And check out a review on madpenguin here it lists some of the new features to be found in this release.

And I added a nice little button to firefox too :).

A tale of emerge world

Last night I set out to update my Gentoo system1 using emerge with the simple commands:

$ emerge sync
$ emerge world

This was to be a fairly major upgrade as I was going from Gnome 2.4 to 2.6 which wasn’t anything to be laughed at but onto of this I would be upgrading gcc as well. I once tryed to upgrade gcc on Red Hat Linux 8 which ended in a system that would not boot :( so I thought I might be in for a rather hands on upgrade process, however I was wrong.

I also once upgraded Gnome on my Red Hat Linux 9 using GARNOME which took ages and killed my laptop when it ran out of hard disk space, but that’s another story, it rendered my system basically useless as I upgraded diffent libraries from underneath the currently running gnome. However with this upgrade everything still worked, except for Evolution (I see now it’s Novel Evolution instead of Ximian Evolution) during it’s upgrade from 1.4.5 to 1.4.6. Other than that all went well some icons went missing after the upgrade to GTK but it still kept going.

In the end it was time to get some rest but it was still upgrading so I did a quick ctl-c to call up halt and then issued a:

$ emerge world && poweroff

Then went off to bed :eek: got up this morning started it up again and it just booted and Gnome started no problems what so ever 8) ran a:

$ etc-update

Merged like 17 files and that was it. It just worked. I am so happy I knew Gentoo was good but hey now I’m a real Gentoo addict. It might be alot harder to install than a Red Hat and source distrobution takes ages to compile but hey who cares? When updating is this easy who needs to ever re-install anyway :D It has made my very boring week not too bad.

Should be taking some screenshots sometime soon check back then to see my Gnome 2.6 in all of it’s glory.

1 I am running a stable x86 Gentoo system with a 2.6.5-gentoo-r1 kernel with a Gnome window manager.

Open source Java

Just reading OSNews as I always do low and behold Java will become open source :smile: See Here

As said “it might be today, tomorrow or two years down the road” but hey if it is one day then yey for the people who can then hack it to really rock :razz:

aaNet price hike

It is a sad day today I logged my beloved aaNet Forums only to find that the cheapest adsl provider in Australia will nolonger be so cheap :(. Thankfully for me already being signed up I wont have any price increases but if anyone after July 31st when the new prices come in wont be so lucky.

To see the anoucement by Cat Carroll check here

So if your after a cheap no frills adsl provider for cheap make sure you sign up really soon.

Up and going

Well after finding lots out about WP getting the WP Grins plugin and a new css for my blog. I’m now ready to get going :grin:

Big thanks goes to Alex King whose rubric theme I used for this site I just changed the pen for a Happy Hacker keyboard :) (Now there’s a nice piece of hardware mine is the Black Lite 2) and removed the dots from the unsinged lists, it just made pictorial links look dodge.

I should really introduce myself but I think that’s for another day. Maybe someone will read one day.