Firefox Tab Extensions

I have been using a advanced tab extension for Firefox lately which I have found very useful for tweaking the way Firefox uses tabs. You can find it here, screenshots are in japanese but you’ll get the idea. A fantastic extension for anyone who wants a bit more from their browser.

I've made it

In my on going quest for Google supremecy my JBlog is now number 1 :). To do the search click here

I am also the number 1 JProgrammer search.

But proabbly the most interesting of all a search for buildtolearn my web host will get my blog in at 10th :) the last one on the first screen. Not too bad for only running the site for 2 months. To do that search click here

But now that I am number 1 what do I do from here? Maybe I need to get slashdotted and loose all my bandwidth in 1 hour????? :grin:

Why I choose Gentoo

At the start of the year I was a happy Fedora RC1 user… But now I am a very happy Gentoo user. Here I just hope to document the features that made me change distros.

Previous Distrobutions

Corel Linux 1.0 – My Linux journey started back in 1999 with the release or Corel Linux which has since turned into Xandros. It came as a cover CD to PC User one month and sported an old version of KDE, I really can’t remeber anything else about what packages came with this Distribution. The reason I did install it was that it could be installed onto a Windows, FAT, partition. Which was the only “safe” way for me to install Linux on my parents PII. It took about 2 hours to install and chose to use a boot disk instead of putting LILO in the MBR as so not to upset my mother. However once it was installed I spent maybe 2 hours in Linux total before un-installing it. The reason was that the computer had a WinModem in it; that is a modem that preforms some of it’s functions with the CPU ie. with software. These types of modems rarely work in Linux because the manufactures don’t want to release company secrets so that someone could write the drivers and back in 1999 basically no WinModem would work. So I said goodbye to Linux :(.

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BlogSnob Ads

You may have noticed that I now have BlogSnob ads on this site it provides an easy way for Bloggers to gain advertising on other blogs through an algorithim that they say is fair. So far I have received 2 clicks through from 185 impressions of the add. So not too bad but then again not too flash either.

It may stay it may go I’ll see if I get any more visitors through it :)

Where did you come from?

As previously posted I have been watching my sites statistics through the fabulous Awstats program provided through the cPanel X that my host provides. It allows me to view a great number of statistics about the visitors I have to this site there is a demo here.

But what I have found interesting is where the different visitors have come from. Most are from my signature on the forums that I frequent, such as: aaNet and Gentoo but I am starting to see a few people getting here from Google searches. Which mainly gets them to my “emerge world” story that I have mentioned before and one person who was interested “afact trailer” where I come up in 5th on Google for that search. Would be nice if some more coments made there way onto here so I could know if they found what they were looking for but hey at least I have some hits :). However I’m still only 13th for the search “JBlog” on Google, second page :(, though for only working on the site for the last month and a half I suppose it’s not too bad going.

To all my visitors that come in from different blog searches and pings welcome.

But the most curious is two links that show up from 2 articles that I would have not guessed one on Zdnet and one form the NY Times. Don’t ask me how I looked at these two sites and tried to find how. The only thought other than a weird thing where I went straight from these sites to mine but then again I have never registered with the NY Times before today. So I have no idea how I got links there.

Stats are looking good 121 unique visitors for June 2004 so with a bit more work and many more posts I might have a winner here. :cool: Just keep trying until I get that number 1 spot on Google for a “JBlog”.

Are you ready for Java 5.0?

Surfing around today I found that the next major release of Java will not be the long awaited 1.5 but have decided to go straight for 5.0.

Java has always had a rather strange numbering system as they called Java 1.2, Java 2. This saw the inclusion of the swing toolkit among other things which was the real start for Java as a multi-platform solution as it allowed programmers to create one program with a GUI that could be run on any OS(Operating System) with a Java Runtime Environment or JRE.

But what is getting into Java 5.0 that makes Sun’s marketing department justify such a large jump in numbering? Well from the user perspective we will see another improvement in speed but not all that much new functionality. However programmatically we programmers will see a great deal of change and most likely many more pages into Java in a Nutshell 5th edition when it’s released. Some of these features include:

  • Generics – Similar to templates from C++
  • Automatic type conversion – from primitives to objects ie. int to Integer, double to Double…

This probably doesn’t really explain the fact that the people at Sun can not count but it’s probably more logical than when Netscape went from version 4.5 to 6 just to be at the same version number as Internet Explorer.

4th in Google search of "emerge world"

I was looking at the stats for my blog today using the Awstats which is provided by my fantastic free webhost bulidtolearn and I noticed that I had a visitor who searched “emerge world” in at google so I did the search myself. To my supprise my tale of emerge world came up 4th you can do the search yourself at Google or here is a direct link.

What’s even more supprising is that I come in even before any Gentoo sites so go figure :cool:. The google bot is good for something I suppose.

Google on the desktop?

Just a quick thing I was reading that I found quite interesing while reading the Google Blog. That it looks like we will see Microsoft-Netscape type battle all over again but this time with the worlds most popular search engine.

Read the article on at the NY Times