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Social Weirdness

The strange things people do. A programmers perspective.

Ready Set Rant

Well are you all ready for yet another rant about people and their cars? Well I certainly am.

Last Friday I was pulling out of a car park and I noticed as I was pulling back that the person directly behind me had their reversing lights on also but as a I was already going and they were just starting I thought, “Hey I’m right here just keep going and they will wait”. Well how wrong I was! grrr.

So I got halfway out just about to put my car into 1st gear and I see this person pulling out I thought “Oh no!” so I hit the horn…. But to no avail this looser just kept coming all I could do was sit there hand on horn and wait for the inevitable… Once they realized what happened they quickly pulled back in and I get out to assess the damage.

Thankfully they didn’t cause any damage. But they didn’t even get out of their car; this stupid looking Kia Carnaval thing. I couldn’t believe it they just sat their. But as there was no damage it was Friday evening and I had my dinner in the car going cold I just couldn’t be bothered with it all. So I left….

Now I guess they couldn’t see my little Excel in their giant blind spot maybe but to not stop while there is a horn going for like 3 seconds behind you is just plain stupid… Grrr.

Enough of that now I’m getting red blooded just thinking about it. I checked broken code into source control last week, a first for me. We are in the middle of a giant refactor of our codebase so it’s only natural that I can’t do it alone but checking in code that leaves the copy under source control unable to compile just feels dirty…

Oh well until next time rant on brother/sister.

Alarm where?

I was at the supermarket last night and an alarm went off in the fruit and veg section an no one even battered an eyelid including me. Well it was 9PM so there wasn’t too many people around but it still raises the question that if there was a real reason for alarm, say a burglar that no one would even worry and we would all be dead.

Just a thought.

Petrol Station Lazyness

When I went in to refill my car last week I noticed yet another social oddity. How people refuse to fill up on the opposite side to their car. While I don’t personally have a problem with reaching over my car. So when I went to fill up there were about 5 cars waiting and 3 spare pumps. All on the wrong side for these people.

So I was able to refill and pay before these people even got to the pump.


O well back to hacking my Petrol station simulations for .NET