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Virtualbox 4.0 dhcp not working

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Virtualbox is a wonderful tool for pc virtualization. I use it all the time for testing installers and just general I don’t want to hose my PC if this goes pear shape type stuff.

It’s great for devloping Windows software that needs to work on different versions of the OS too. I test XP, Vista, 7; x32 and x64 versions without breaking a sweat.

However once up upgraded to the new version 4.0 of the product the some networks were no longer operational. Specifically those using the dhcp on host only connections.

I thought this may be an issue with old guest additions which I then proceeded to upgrade. Unfortunately this did no turn out to be the issue so I proceeded to give up an just use other network types.

However today I stumbled upon the solution and it came from somewhere completely unrelated to virtualbox.

The posting of the solution can be found on a forum My Digital Live here.

There appears to be some bug within the source code which the user has devised a patch for.

The Solution

Windows versions of Virtualbox only

  1. Download the compressed patch from
  2. Extract the program using 7-zip
  3. Open command prompt as Administrator and navigate to the directory where you extracted the program
  4. Run the extracted program vb4dhcp.exe passing a single argument to the VBoxC.dll
    vb4dhcp.exe "C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxC.dll"

No you can run Virtualbox and it’s dhcp server runs again. 8)


Virtualbox 4.0.4 has been released and this regression has been fixed. Download it now.

Floder Properties in Windows Vista

When using the explorer in Windows Vista I was having trouble finding the folder properties, for showing hidden files among other things. Like everything else in Vista it has moved and changed name. No longer can you find it under “Tools” -> “Folder Options…”

But now under “Organize” -> “Folder and Search Options”

Location of Folder Options in Windows Vista
Location of Folder Options in Windows Vista

It really shook me and the help only had a link to open the options and didn’t tell you how to actually get to the options directly.

Open Java and Windows Options

Well it’s officially been announced that Java J2SE, J2ME, J2EE will all be released by sun as reference implementations under the Gnu GPL + classpath exception. Which I’m sure will bring a new era of Java, especially to Linux since Java will be able to be shipped with distributions without concern just like Mono is today.

I really hope this means the MVM will get done faster it would be a great thing for the platform.

On a unrelated note one of my pet peeves about Windows is the way that Explorer.exe works. The problem is that it is the window manager as well as the file browser. What I usually find is that the file manager will lock up the window manager which is most annoying. However there is an option to make them work in separate processes which users more memory but for the stability of the system it’s well worth it.
Edit In Seperate Process

BenQ s52 v54 ACPI

I have now had a few requests from non native English speakers for the compiled version of the ACPI DSDT that I have created for my laptop. So it is linked here.

Compiled DSDT for BenQ s52 v54

The source copy is located on the acpi website. Please note that this is the upgraded BIOS that you can get from benq version A32.

See the DSDT page from acpi for how to get this into your kernel.

Also thanks to Peter Westwood for his mime-config plugin for wordpress for sorting out the upload of this perculiar file type.

Laptops and Email

Well it’s the start of a new year and I am back here at work. I have decided to get a laptop this year and finally replace my aging desktop. I got a Benq S52 v54 and got it salary sacrifice which is great.

A not about this laptop and Ubuntu though.. it doesn’t work, I got it working in widescreen using the 915resolution hack but that really doesn’t matter because the sound doesn’t work and acpi doesn’t work. So the laptop under ubuntu is basically useless. So I am using the WinXP (shiver) but I guess I will wait for Dapper Drake to come out and hopefully every thing is hunky dory. But for now I will just have to settle for windows and keep hacking on the Teachers tool for my wife there.

But here at work I have come across another interesting problem, we needed to integrate a c++ library for sending email to people to alert them to different situations. So I went on the hunt for a free smtp libarary that support HTML email, because we support multi-byte character sets such as Chinese as our main market. I came across a fantastic library from PJ Naughter called CPJNSMTPConnection which even contains a demo app. However for almost two days I fought with it getting a WSAECONNABORTED error on the connect command from WinSock. I eventually found the problem is with McAfee AntiVirus 8.0, you can see a full write up on it here.

But basically I put the information here for anyone else who comes up with this problem and goes for a Google.

Death to open source by virus scan

Today for the first time my virus scanner here at work started deleting files. Identifying them as the Prockill-DF virus. It wasn’t going to take any chances and deleted the files what was interesting was what files it identified:

Are you getting my drift here it’s after all the setup programs for open source products. The problem has been identified by McAfee in 4629 DAT but this is a simple way to rid the windows world of open source products. Get the anti-virus to take them out for us.

Just look at them all.

Firefox 1.0

Well after 18 months of development it is finally here. The 1.0 release of Mozilla Firefox and so far it seems to have fixed a few of those little problems with 1.0PR(1.0 Pre-Release).

With this release finally marking as stable it means today more than ever we should be recommending to everyone from your Tech friends to your Grandmother to install and use Firefox.

An interview with Mozilla President Mitchell Baker is over at eWeek and well worth the read it outlines some of the things we might come to expect from Mozilla products in the future.

So get out there and SpreadFirefox

Sick of 16 color tray icons in win2k?

Here at work we I am running Windows 2000 and for the longest time the fact that tray icons could only have 16 colours has annoyed me for the longest time. With a lot of newer programs creating their icons to this high colour made the UI(User Interface) look really bad :(.

However to day I found a solution someone has patched explorer.exe for all service packs of win2k with a simple active x control. You can see it here. So right click with ie view for Firefox or if you are for some reason still using ie just click the link :P. But do please consider switching and enjoy your winXP style hi-color tray icons.

Real GMail Checker

I got a GMail account about a month ago and I’ve run through alot of GMail checkers to find one that fits. I used the FireFox extension found here but then on Slashdot I saw that google have released their own version, gmail-helper.

It’s not stripping web pages so the speed is incredible and the interface is really good. It even get’s through the firewall :). So if you have GMail and run Wind0wz then go get it here.

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