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Down again?

This week the blog went down again with “500 Internal Server Error” again. This time however I believe that the problem has been resolved for good this time however.

Back when I started this blog in 2003 with WordPress 1.0 there was no WYSIWYG editor so I wrote the first 18 months of posts in Textile before WordPress 2.0 was released with the TinyMCE editor for writing posts. And after that I couldn’t be bothered re-formatting them so I left the Textile plugin turned on and as it turns out it created the problems so hopefully it’s all finished with now. Thanks again to the support staff of Profusehost.

Internal Server Error

I have been experiencing troubles with wordpress recently causing “500 Internal Service” errors from apache, causing the php scripts to crash apache with a o so useful “segmentation fault” but all is well now. Thanks to John from profusehost for working so tirelessly on fixing this issue. You are still the greatest free webspace there is.

Cracking 1,000

After 27 Months (2 Years, 3 Months), 104 posts, a change of host, the addition of a gallery and many changes in theme. JBlog this month has had over 1,000 unique visitors.

Although it’s not really that large in the grand scheme of things but it’s significant to me :P.

There has been a large increase in traffic this month in particular since last month I received just over 600 unique visitors for July and most of the additional traffic seem to be coming from the main page of my provider profusehost. It has been linked from there since a week after the move from buildtolearn but they must be receiving a lot more hits too.

That’s all there is folks.

Names and Tags

I also took the Band-Aid off my finger for real today and it’s been very strange. It wasn’t too bad typing with the finger incapacitated but now with it working again it feels really strange as though all of the nerves in the finger have become more sensitive it is quite disconcerting actually and I am still using my middle finger for a lot of my picking up of different items. Quite strange.

O yes and as for the Tags I kept going back in time modifying each post back at least half way but there are just so many and I really wonder the point hmm maybe during the hours of compilation at work this week.

<Update removing references to now deleted image gallery>

A new host

I have just completed moving JBlog to a new host. After my last post my old host kept going down and the MySQL server didn’t get much better. So I packed up and moved here to a new host at which offers 1gb of storage… w00t and all that for the small price of putting some ad code on your site. And since I had some adsense on my site which I decided wasn’t worth it in the end. Hosting for the price of having the ads is worth it so there you go.

Hopefully from now on I can blog more and not worry about the database being down less. For those syndicating or coming from bookmarks you might want to update them since I have no idea how long it will be till my old host shuts down the service.

A year of posts

O my goodness I just realized that this blog has now been up for well over a year… And I missed the anniversary…. O well just keep on blogging.

TimeTracker is coming along it may become useful very soon :mrgreen:

Comment spammers

I recently changed to Spam karma for my spam blocking (see bottom of page for spam count) and thus get a summary of all spam that gets cut from this blog but the most interesting thing I’ve noticed is that these comment spammers are smartening up.

Most of them want you to go to their online casino but now these spammers don’t just point you there they are putting their web address in that field and then as a comment start saying something nice about the site. So the unsuspecting blog owner might let them slide. Interesting none the less but go on Mr Karma just keep eating those spam :).

I was watching since it expired yesterday (3rd Feb) and since the owner is just selling the domain I thought they would just let it slide. But NOOOO they want to renew it and try to keep selling the freaking domain…

How many people in the world would want Not too many I’m sure. Anyway it might just have to be, yahoo has a sale on so maybe soon…. A real domain of my own :)

New Style

Well if you haven’t noticed already… JBlog has a new look…

Tell me what you think I can always go back if that’s what is wanted. I just think the new colour scheme is a bit cleaner.