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Lazy Blogging

Well it is almost a month since I last ranted and I have been busy I just haven’t blogged about it :P

I went to the Ben Lee / Missy Higgins concert last week. It was a fantastic!! Ben Lee is such an entertainer he:

  • Kissed girls in the crowd
  • Played a ringtone of his own song
  • Jumped off the drum kit

Much fun was had by all. Not only did he play songs off his new album but he also played songs from the later 2 albums including Cigarettes will kill you, and too my surprise the crowd new the song. Not so much so with Missy and here cover of the fins brothers song “Stuff and nonsense”.

I did my first exam on Wednesday for Advanced .NET Programming getting me one Bill love subject down and one to go. As I have been learning .NET I must say it’s a pretty nice platform and .NET 2.0 with generics will be a big help. However I think I am a bit more of a fan of Mono which is a the open source .NET platform made primarily by the ximian guys (now Novell). But actually fully implementing .NET in an open source manner is much cooler and it is cross platform unlike the MS one.

Also LugRadio is back for season 3 and much fun can be had in the first 2 episodes :) Nothing like a bunch of Poms banging on about Linux.

More Weird People

In March I reported on weird people at my local chemist, and yesterday I found more weird people around my home, North Melbourne.

I was driving home yesterday and a red Commodore, with trailer, pulled out in front of me needing quick thinking and a abrupt braking. Which was proceeded with the obligatory honk on the horn, as you do. But these weird people, 4 not so nice looking males, thought it was rude of me to do this. So while waiting next to them at the next set of traffic lights the passenger decided that I deserved my car to be spat on for this horn honking.

My goodness if you pull out in front of people what do you expect… I am just going to role over and not get pissed off like really. If you pull out in front of someone you will get a horn honking so there… Now I have had my rank and they can’t bash me up over it….


Motivation is quite a strange beast. I can have unlimited motivation for say… Software Testing and Reliabilty which I have failed once already I have none, and stay up till all hours of the morning finishing an assignment the night before it is due?

But even worse than that is when you are at home and there is a million and one things to do in terms of cleaning and all I can do is spend my day coding :P. Or pointlessly writing in a blog.

O well….

I have just upgraded to the RC of Ubuntu for “Breezy Badger” and the improvements are vast but most impressive is the graphical boot looks to be a frame buffer and also a side note the post install has a frame buffer giving a percentage complete which is much nicer than before which was just pages of apt scrolling by…. anyway back to coding…. mmmm coding.

Junk eBay and Bank Accounts

Over the last week or so I have found out something that most people have probably known for a long time, eBay is great way to get rid of junk from you home. If you have stuff in your hows that you you don’t use any more, and I know we all do. That game that you clocked, CD that you have duplicate of etc.

But as I went through the whole process I realized that I really don’t want to give out bank details of my main bank account. So I went bank shopping, and as always I went straight for infochoice for banking. It’s a great way to go shopping for information without going to every banks page one by one.

I thought it would be pretty simple to find a bank that would not charge me any fees and allow me to transfer between that account and external banks via Internet banking without any fees. So just a place to let money get to from eBay.

But going through the Commonwealth, National, Westpac nothing they were all going to charge me fees for just having a bank account with them. Finally I found the ANZ Access Select account which was gave me the things I was after and even an access card for up to 6 purchases a month.

So if you are after a simple bank account to keep your privacy when handling money via on line auctions or simply the trading post I would recommend this account for you.

C# crazy

Hmmm I haven’t blogged in ages maybe it’s because I am busy or maybe just maybe nothing much interesting is happening in my life at the moment….. It’s probably the latter.

Well my sister in law had a baby boy yey.

I’m doing Advanced .NET Programming at uni this semester and I spend about 20 hours working on a assignment that is worth all of 1%. And along with Network Administration I am feeling a lot of “Bill love” as I call it. Just a tad too much MS(Microsoft) stuff for me but hey if it gets me out the uni door who cares.

Hmm that’s about it really really boring….


Yey for money I have signed a contract for a graduate position with VSL(Vision Systems Limited). Which makes everyone really happy :).

Back off to Uni on Monday week off to finish the final year project and all that guff and repeat that stupid subject I failed :(.

Also once again the superiority of Linux came through today because here at work you have to have all the virus protection etc if you were to place a computer on the network. Linux no worries :) long live the penguin.

Woe is me

Since my great happiness with Ubuntu last post it all went down the proverbial toilet the very next day :(

I went to install something and all my permissions were stuffed up and so it wouldn’t boot any more :cry: So I saved off my /home directory and went ahead with a reformat (to a fresh 5.04) however after doing the first part of the install Ubuntu still wouldn’t boot. So I went back to install again figuring that something had to have gone wrong. But then when it came to partitioning it thought that my HD wasn’t partitioned!!! A quick panic and a reboot into Windows showed that all my data on a VFat directory and the windows installation NTFS was still there. It seems that the partitioning didn’t go as hopped in the installation and my partition table was a bit screwed so out with a trusty partition utility and fixed that and now I have Linux back to it’s full glory. And it seems that the boot process wasn’t completely installed with my incremental installation as it now seems Ubuntu boots without all those pesky error messages :). Then a whole heap of apt-get later we are back in and running.

Also at work now we got an automatic espresso machine instead of the peculator that we always have had. Which was great real coffee but now because of the additional expense we have to pay $1 for each cup so I’m drinking tea or should I dare instant coffee :( because I am a student with no money for coffee. Or at least no money for coffee at work :P


For weeks now my computer, in Ubuntu of course, has been having trouble with ep0in at every boot my messages have been filled with:

Jun 14 08:36:45 localhost kernel: usb 2-1: hald timed out on ep0in

Which has in turn stopped hal from working properly so mounting my usb key most of the time just wouldn’t happen.

However last night we (My wife and I) moved the house around, moved the computer from the lounge room to the spare bedroom, and I noticed that our scanner, a old HP Scanject 4100c, was warm. So I thought in the interest of energy conservation I would hook it up to a separate power outlet since we don’t use it often at all.

This morning when I powered up Linux just went which was great! So after months of checking the Ubuntu forums and playing around with boot parameters I have a fully functional Linux system again :)! So in the end it wasn’t a buggy bios or USB drivers it was just an old scanner that I could turn off. Yey for Linux.

Well I should study for my exam that I have this afternoon.


You know what one of the hardest things to do after a year off (I was on IBL for a year at VSL) is STUDY.

I was trying all of last week, I got a little bit done but really not enough. After last year when I could come home and forget about work to this year being back on 24/7 with everything really sucks. So what did I do I started coding… Probably not the best idea but it has been fun.

I’m working on a program I call “TimeTracker” which is really a task timer for work so that at the end of the week I know where my 7.5 hours a day go at work. It is mainly based on TimeTool for Windows. It’s written in Java of course and is a lot of fun to get back into the coding side so here is a pre-alpha screenshot of TimeTracker.

Pre-Alpa screenshot of TimeTracker

Hack Hack Hack

Well after over a month I am sitting down again writing an entry. I have been very busy with the Final Year Project, iteration 1 was a success and we are off on 2, 3 and 4.

Funny thing is that one of my friends was asked if she had a blog in an interview. Which she didn’t and promptly said on return that they needed someone more geeky someone like me :P. She ended up starting a blog though so that if it comes up again she could say YES.

And boy am I out of habit here I had to look up how to do an emphasis in textile very shabby indeed.

Anyhow time to hack some more.