Virtualbox 4.0 dhcp not working

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Virtualbox is a wonderful tool for pc virtualization. I use it all the time for testing installers and just general I don’t want to hose my PC if this goes pear shape type stuff.

It’s great for devloping Windows software that needs to work on different versions of the OS too. I test XP, Vista, 7; x32 and x64 versions without breaking a sweat.

However once up upgraded to the new version 4.0 of the product the some networks were no longer operational. Specifically those using the dhcp on host only connections.

I thought this may be an issue with old guest additions which I then proceeded to upgrade. Unfortunately this did no turn out to be the issue so I proceeded to give up an just use other network types.

However today I stumbled upon the solution and it came from somewhere completely unrelated to virtualbox.

The posting of the solution can be found on a forum My Digital Live here.

There appears to be some bug within the source code which the user has devised a patch for.

The Solution

Windows versions of Virtualbox only

  1. Download the compressed patch from
  2. Extract the program using 7-zip
  3. Open command prompt as Administrator and navigate to the directory where you extracted the program
  4. Run the extracted program vb4dhcp.exe passing a single argument to the VBoxC.dll
    vb4dhcp.exe "C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxC.dll"

No you can run Virtualbox and it’s dhcp server runs again. 8)


Virtualbox 4.0.4 has been released and this regression has been fixed. Download it now.

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