House Update

Most people would know we bought land in April to build our first house on.

And since then we have been trying very hard to get approval to build the house we want on it. There was a clause in our title, Memorandum of Common Provisions to be exact. That no structure within the first metre of the boundary will be greater than 3.6 metres tall. And the house plan we decided to build once sited on the block made the height of the garage at 1 metre from the boundary 3.79 meters.

So both I and the build phoned the council to see what could be done, simple they said all you will need is a Planning permit and it should only take a couple of weeks for such a small item.

Thats when the fun really began it took the council 3 months not a couple of weeks to approve the permit and when we finally got it back we were told that the planning permit was not all that needed to be done to allow us to build our house :(

A planning permit like this gives you permission to get a licensed surveyor to draw up a plan that will then be approved by council which will then need to be submitted along with the title kept by the bank to the Titles Office.

So here’s the list of things that cost money along the way:

  • Planning Permit
  • Letters to neighbours
  • Plan
  • Approval of Plan with Council
  • Release of Title from bank
  • Submission to Titles office

So if anyone ever tells you that a Planing Permit is no big deal laugh in their face it is a big deal and it will take time effort and quite a bit of money.

But if you are going through something similar take a queue from me that I should have known earlier, you need to be a squeaky wheel. If the person says that something will be done on a certain date or in a “couple of days” then make sure you phone them then and find out if it has been done.

Other than that we are now very excited about the prospect of getting on with the building of our house :)

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