The Long Silence

Well it’s been well over a month since my last post I am getting really really slack. What’s happened in that time? Well quite a lot really.

  • Holidays
  • Flights
  • And a stupid film

And I will outline them in that order :P

Well last week Merinda and I packed up and went on a 4 day holiday to Beechworth and stayed at the Swiss Cottages there it was a most relaxing time and can recommend the accommodation full heartily.

Last weekend (1 July 2006) Merinda and I got to go on a second holiday to Brisbane overnight. Our fantastic broadband Internet provider, aaNet, flew both of us up for a party they were having. We got the flights because I am a moderator on their forums. I only started getting back into the forums a few weeks before the trip was announced so it was great timing. It was a lot of fun and meeting people you have only ever communicated to in a digital medium was interesting. We spent most of our time playing cards which is a great day in our books.

And to the final point we went a saw the new Superman movie, Superman Returns, for a $300 million movie it was a bit of a disappointment really.

Begin rant/spoilers

I don’t know what it is if it’s the Superman story itself or the story of this particular movie in particular but the character to me seems to be a bit lacking. When compared to the X-Men or Spiderman series, Superman the character is very bland in that he is predictable in his actions, there is no human side to his character (I know he is an alien). But even when stabbed with Kriptionite after it is removed he is fine again.

Also he stands for all things moral however he has an illegitimate child with Louis Lane, it just lacks consistency. The movie also shows that Superman is helping people all around the word with their problems, ie. a burning house in Germany, so in one moment he is trying to help everyone and then goes to his day job in Metropolis at the Daily Planet. What about all the people with burning houses now?

I just find it hard to identify with this interpretation of the character. I was expecting a reinterpretation like the original Batman movie or Batman Begins however it was just really the next Superman movie with better visual effects.

End rand/spoilers

Anyho that’s about it I would just like to add decaf sucks, I had some yesterday and I guess now I know what I really appreciate from coffee.. the caffeine hit.


  • jesibl

    July 11, 2006

    gee, it’s been a while. i thought you’d abandoned your blog! cool bananas about the trips. i want another holiday…

  • caffeine

    July 26, 2006

    LOL, good to see I am the only thing you like about coffee, shows good taste that does.

    ’twas a pleasure meeting you and M up north.

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