Strange Cats & Broken PDA's

Well today marks the end of a quite weird weekend my cat, Alex, has had a quite traumatized weekend.

For some reason she got spooked and was afraid of everything and anything. The washing basket, feet etc. and both Merinda and I are a little worse for the wear. You know cats and all. So she has us both worried since she wont come out from under the bed and will bang her head against the bottom of it when she frightens herself and jumps.

On the other topic my Tungsten E PDA didn’t want to turn on last week got me thinking if I would replace it and if I did what would I replace it with.

With my constant search for open platforms and non-Microsoft solutions would I buy another Palm or go for Windows Mobile. I have always had a soft spot for Palm since they invented the market but they haven’t released any PDA’s with a new operating system since version 5. And although they say that a Linux based Palm OS is in the pipes not even previews have been seen. So I think if my PDA does really die I might be swapping one proprietary platform for another. Or maybe a Laptop is enough techno junk for me.

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