Laptop Support From Where?

I would like to say that I am completely disgusted with the support some vendors provide for their hardware. I have been trying to get sound working under Linux now for my BenQ S52-v54 for a long time now, it has now come to the point that I am trying to write a patch myself, yey for kernel hacking.

This is a documented bug in ALSA for my laptop as one of the notes said this is a CX20551 chipset from Conexant I event went to the trouble of filing for support:

The chipset on this laptop does not work under the Linux Alsa architecture and is a current bug request:

To develop a compatible driver for this chipset I wish to confirm that it is a CX20551. An exact number would be optimal.

Any support documentation and such as that available for the CX20468,,
would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Quite civil I thought I was just asking for a confirmation and possibly some documentation on the chipset that I own in my laptop. Not too demanding I just want to know about something I own. I filed it as a Linux support issue because it was relating to Linux but the question is not necessarily about supporting Linux. I’m not asking for them to provide drivers etc. I received the following reply:

Hi Cameron

BenQ does not support the use of Linux on our notebooks, there for there are no drivers or support documentation is written for this system.


BenQ Support

(Spelling errors removed, how professional of them)

What the freak? I am not asking for support documentation or drivers I am asking for developer level documentation and a confirmation that I have a particular chipset on my laptop.

Very disgruntled with the reply I phoned them instead of using the online support and asked for an explanation of why I can’t get a simple answer as to what is in my laptop, without taking the back off and looking at the chip and therefore voiding my warranty. I received the same treatment over the phone until I insisted that he go and try to find out what hardware I owned. They are happy enough to tell me that my laptop is a Centrino with an Intel 915GM graphics chipset but they wont tell my what runs my sound that’s just pathetic. I did get confirmation however and told that they don’t have any documentation.

Which leaves me in exactly the position I started in nowhere with no sound. So I did a Google search for the CX20551 which gets you no where except for links to a few non useful websites and some to Toshiba laptops, yey a company that acknowledges what hardware they run, and a few links to people who can’t get this chipset to work under Linux.

Conexant have supplied documentation to the ALSA community before as stated in my initial support request so I had high hopes of getting some and on their Contact Us page they have an email address for requesting literature. I could see an answer in sight but no luck their either the email address is not active an will return unsent. Wow that shook me I expected maybe a black whole but not an email address that doesn’t exist.

However if you are in the US you can phone them for free. Great luck for me there is no office in Australia.

I was stuck yet again but today I had another hope this time from Linuxant I have sent them a similar email but this time I am hoping to at least get a real email address or better the documentation. However I don’t hold high hopes.

We will see if I get a reply if not I will not leave it here until I get a working driver or sell the laptop next year, whichever comes first. Till then don’t go to the Bank on pension day it’s not worth it :P.


  • Kooper

    March 27, 2006

    Jprogrammer, you did a great job attempting to run it. I own the same hardware and glad to know that I’m not alone with it. Unfortunately I have no kernel/driver programming experience and don’t know how to help you. Probably only as a tester.

    In addition to ALSA problem I have a completely missing battery/AC information in ACPI. Do you know something about it? I didn’t find suitable drivers for Smart Battery System. Decompiled DSDT has no BAT entries at all…

  • KesieV

    April 12, 2006

    Hi! Try to download the latest kubuntu live CD (Dapper Flight 6).
    Battery sensors now works. It can help you to find how to fix it on your distro.

    Still no sound, btw. DAMN!

  • JProgrammer

    April 13, 2006

    I forgot to mention that I have submitted a corrected DSDT for the BenQ S52-v54 to acpi which you can get from here. If it works without a DSDT that’s weird but good luck to you.

  • Robert Anyalai

    May 1, 2006

    please send me a dsdt.hex file for BENQ S52, i`am download the asl file, but compile errors on my computer with iasl.

    Thank you.

    iam use gentoo, but no sound on my BENQ s52 1year.

  • atx

    May 9, 2006


    The same chip is used in some Toshiba laptops, i.e. Satellite P105. Maybe you can try to contact them via their “Linux Support” page?

    I downloaded a driver for this chip for Windows and browsed through files. In one of .inf files it’s named Conexant Function Driver for Waikiki High Definition Audio Device”.

    PCI id:
    %HdAudioFunctionDriver.Waikiki5047.DeviceDesc% = HdAudModel,HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_14F1&DEV_5047&SUBSYS_1179FF31

    Not much in the Internet about “Conexant Waikiki”, though; I found this Microsoft document:

    After reading the .doc file it looks like that this chip is supported by Microsoft’s UAA drivers (this is an universal driver for many different HD Audio codecs)

    So if it’s universal under windows, then maybe this chip will work in Linux with some other HD Audio codec driver? Maybe snd-hda-intel in Alsa?


  • Arun

    July 30, 2006

    I’ve got the same chipset on an HP Pavilion dv5200tx. Have you tried contacting Conexant?

  • KesieV

    August 1, 2006

    Seems that Conexant are not too happy to collaborate, as I’ve seen in the bugtrack on ALSA…

  • KesieV

    December 28, 2006

    Here we are. A working fix for our laptops has been found.

  • Swagat

    March 3, 2007

    Same problem here, I run my Conexant High definition audio chipset with intel hda alsa driver in suse 10.2 but the sound quality is very bad and volume is low too.

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