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Well I just can’t win just a day after I got rid of the Band-Aid on one hand I get a blister on the other.

I can never seem to win with this car thing, one week I crunch another I had a battery that needed a jump start. This week it’s the radiator yet again. A few weeks ago our new car needed a top tank in the radiator because it broke. When it broke we were just pulling up at my parents in-law’s house, my farther in law is a mechanic, and there was steam everywhere as the coolant leaked out.

Well today it was the radiator again wasn’t it, again with the steam everywhere and the temperature in the red, somewhere you would never like to see it. So I went to a service station to get some water for the radiator but I couldn’t get the cap off. I struggled for almost 30 minutes to get the cap off, seeing as I’m not the strongest person in the world it wasn’t a huge stretch to think that it was just too tight for my little arms.

Luckily I was at a service station that had a garage attached so I was able to ask for assistance in getting the cap off. Though it wasn’t my strength because he had to use a pair of multi-grips to get it off :). Which made me feel a little better about the situation.

The car was down about 2 litres of coolant which was not good the initial thought was that the thermostat had stuck, however this morning I checked the car and it seems that it has been leaking coolant, so I bought some radiator stop leak. It is the weirdest stuff, I thought it would be a liquid but it’s a liquid with rubber pellets in it. Obviously they melt with the head an stick in any leaks in the cooling system. Hmm hopefully it has done the trick and I wont need to worry about the car again for a while…. Fingers crossed. Hmm some days I just hate cars.

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  • Simon

    March 17, 2006

    You’ve got me worried… I figured that if it doesn’t work out in IT, i could always be a Servo attendant… NOW i’m not so sure!! Sounds like hard work!

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