Names and Tags

I also took the Band-Aid off my finger for real today and it’s been very strange. It wasn’t too bad typing with the finger incapacitated but now with it working again it feels really strange as though all of the nerves in the finger have become more sensitive it is quite disconcerting actually and I am still using my middle finger for a lot of my picking up of different items. Quite strange.

O yes and as for the Tags I kept going back in time modifying each post back at least half way but there are just so many and I really wonder the point hmm maybe during the hours of compilation at work this week.

<Update removing references to now deleted image gallery>


  • M.

    April 5, 2006

    Good job with the templating! I tried doing the templating on my site, but had a tough time, and eventually settled for just changing the header and link colours. Yours is cool though, and the treeview navigation on the left is nifty – is that part of the standard Gallery2 install? It’s a much nicer way of navigation through galleries.



  • JProgrammer

    April 5, 2006

    It uses the module albumselect for the navigation.

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