Rant Alert!

Well everyone is up for a good rant at some time or another and today is time for mine.

We have a credit card, sometimes I really wonder if it is worth it, and we needed to fill in an identification form for the secondary card holder. However we were only told of this 6 months after we started using the card but anyway we only know a few people who are classified as a referee for this, and we don’t see them that often so the other card was suspended before we even had a chance to get it refereed. That is more of an annoyance than a complaint and this post is about a complaint.

My complaint/rant is about Part D, see below:

Part D

My complaint is about the second half of this form in particular, the place where you check the boxes under the words “I have examined EITHER”, you are presented with three mutually exclusive options here. I thought to myself why go to the bother of getting the Birth Certificate, Primary Identification, out when you can just use a Drivers Licence, Secondary Identification, I assumed by option 3. Wrong! Since I failed to see the section about a reason for only using a Secondary Identification Document in the section above my document was rejected.

Now I can understand that yes you should have a Primary Identification Document and that if you have a good reason for not having access to one you can use only a Secondary Identification Document, I just feel this document is misleading and can easily, like I did, be filled out incorrectly.

I’d just like to add typing without the use of my left hand index finger is turning out to be a little easier than I would have thought but it is still very annoying.

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