Well today is an interesting one it started off normal but before I had even got to work this morning it had gone down the proverbial gurgler.

On my route to work which takes me about an hour I go through one set of traffic lights which with two right hand turning lanes. Today there was a truck in the left hand lane of the two so without even giving it a second thought I scooted down the right and side thinking I had plenty of room. Oh but how I was wrong it was not quite enough room I didn’t clear it’s tail gate and I went with a big *screech* down the side of my car leaving me with a bent aerial and my mirror not quite right.

No Aerial

Small dent

But as if this was bad enough by itself, once I got around the corner I pulled off and went to have a look at the damage I pulled up the aerial and fixed the mirror, but gashed my finger in the process. So off I went blood dripping to the nearest Petrol Station to clean it and get some Band-Aids, dripped my lovely blood through the shop and got cleaned up.

Then went off again to work now with no aerial and a throbbing finger with and ever darkening dressing. I would have to say that changing gears was now a bit more painful than before and I must have looked a bit strange with my hand up in the air, above my head, whenever I stopped at a set of lights.

I would finally like to say it’s a darn sight difficult to type without the use of my left hand index finger, which is not good since my occupation kind of requires it. Oh well back to waiting for programs to compile and requirements to import. :D

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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  • jesibl

    February 28, 2006

    you and your crazy driving. :P
    hope you don’t need stitches or something!

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