Laptops and Email

Well it’s the start of a new year and I am back here at work. I have decided to get a laptop this year and finally replace my aging desktop. I got a Benq S52 v54 and got it salary sacrifice which is great.

A not about this laptop and Ubuntu though.. it doesn’t work, I got it working in widescreen using the 915resolution hack but that really doesn’t matter because the sound doesn’t work and acpi doesn’t work. So the laptop under ubuntu is basically useless. So I am using the WinXP (shiver) but I guess I will wait for Dapper Drake to come out and hopefully every thing is hunky dory. But for now I will just have to settle for windows and keep hacking on the Teachers tool for my wife there.

But here at work I have come across another interesting problem, we needed to integrate a c++ library for sending email to people to alert them to different situations. So I went on the hunt for a free smtp libarary that support HTML email, because we support multi-byte character sets such as Chinese as our main market. I came across a fantastic library from PJ Naughter called CPJNSMTPConnection which even contains a demo app. However for almost two days I fought with it getting a WSAECONNABORTED error on the connect command from WinSock. I eventually found the problem is with McAfee AntiVirus 8.0, you can see a full write up on it here.

But basically I put the information here for anyone else who comes up with this problem and goes for a Google.

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