Death to open source by virus scan

Today for the first time my virus scanner here at work started deleting files. Identifying them as the Prockill-DF virus. It wasn’t going to take any chances and deleted the files what was interesting was what files it identified:

Are you getting my drift here it’s after all the setup programs for open source products. The problem has been identified by McAfee in 4629 DAT but this is a simple way to rid the windows world of open source products. Get the anti-virus to take them out for us.

Just look at them all.



    November 17, 2005

    I think that what happens is that McAfee falsely detecting the virus in the installer, which is, I assume common to the open-source software you mentioned. The problem then comes from a string in the installer that triggers the detection.

    Bad mistakes form McAfee, but I can hardly see any big conspiracy to rid the Windows world of open-source project ;)

  • David

    November 19, 2005

    I had a similar issue with FileZilla uninstaller being detected as ProcKill-DF. Although McAfee were suggesting a resolution in DAT 4630, I still had false-positives from this. Slap-dash testing yes, but not sure this is a conspiracy. If it is then maybe it works both ways, as ClamAV running under Linux detected my Windoze partition as a riddled with trojans last week!

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