Lazy Blogging

Well it is almost a month since I last ranted and I have been busy I just haven’t blogged about it :P

I went to the Ben Lee / Missy Higgins concert last week. It was a fantastic!! Ben Lee is such an entertainer he:

  • Kissed girls in the crowd
  • Played a ringtone of his own song
  • Jumped off the drum kit

Much fun was had by all. Not only did he play songs off his new album but he also played songs from the later 2 albums including Cigarettes will kill you, and too my surprise the crowd new the song. Not so much so with Missy and here cover of the fins brothers song “Stuff and nonsense”.

I did my first exam on Wednesday for Advanced .NET Programming getting me one Bill love subject down and one to go. As I have been learning .NET I must say it’s a pretty nice platform and .NET 2.0 with generics will be a big help. However I think I am a bit more of a fan of Mono which is a the open source .NET platform made primarily by the ximian guys (now Novell). But actually fully implementing .NET in an open source manner is much cooler and it is cross platform unlike the MS one.

Also LugRadio is back for season 3 and much fun can be had in the first 2 episodes :) Nothing like a bunch of Poms banging on about Linux.

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