Petrol Station Lazyness

When I went in to refill my car last week I noticed yet another social oddity. How people refuse to fill up on the opposite side to their car. While I don’t personally have a problem with reaching over my car. So when I went to fill up there were about 5 cars waiting and 3 spare pumps. All on the wrong side for these people.

So I was able to refill and pay before these people even got to the pump.


O well back to hacking my Petrol station simulations for .NET

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  • James

    November 10, 2005

    Hello Mr Crothers, My name is James Eynaud. Your wife is my Maths Methods teacher and she told us to log onto her moogle thingy to get our homework but for some reason, i cannot access nor find this web page she seemed so excited about. I am sorry for having wasted your time by making you read this but i thought you might want to know that it isn’t working. Sincerely James.

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