More Weird People

In March I reported on weird people at my local chemist, and yesterday I found more weird people around my home, North Melbourne.

I was driving home yesterday and a red Commodore, with trailer, pulled out in front of me needing quick thinking and a abrupt braking. Which was proceeded with the obligatory honk on the horn, as you do. But these weird people, 4 not so nice looking males, thought it was rude of me to do this. So while waiting next to them at the next set of traffic lights the passenger decided that I deserved my car to be spat on for this horn honking.

My goodness if you pull out in front of people what do you expect… I am just going to role over and not get pissed off like really. If you pull out in front of someone you will get a horn honking so there… Now I have had my rank and they can’t bash me up over it….

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