Junk eBay and Bank Accounts

Over the last week or so I have found out something that most people have probably known for a long time, eBay is great way to get rid of junk from you home. If you have stuff in your hows that you you don’t use any more, and I know we all do. That game that you clocked, CD that you have duplicate of etc.

But as I went through the whole process I realized that I really don’t want to give out bank details of my main bank account. So I went bank shopping, and as always I went straight for infochoice for banking. It’s a great way to go shopping for information without going to every banks page one by one.

I thought it would be pretty simple to find a bank that would not charge me any fees and allow me to transfer between that account and external banks via Internet banking without any fees. So just a place to let money get to from eBay.

But going through the Commonwealth, National, Westpac nothing they were all going to charge me fees for just having a bank account with them. Finally I found the ANZ Access Select account which was gave me the things I was after and even an access card for up to 6 purchases a month.

So if you are after a simple bank account to keep your privacy when handling money via on line auctions or simply the trading post I would recommend this account for you.

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