Woe is me

Since my great happiness with Ubuntu last post it all went down the proverbial toilet the very next day :(

I went to install something and all my permissions were stuffed up and so it wouldn’t boot any more :cry: So I saved off my /home directory and went ahead with a reformat (to a fresh 5.04) however after doing the first part of the install Ubuntu still wouldn’t boot. So I went back to install again figuring that something had to have gone wrong. But then when it came to partitioning it thought that my HD wasn’t partitioned!!! A quick panic and a reboot into Windows showed that all my data on a VFat directory and the windows installation NTFS was still there. It seems that the partitioning didn’t go as hopped in the installation and my partition table was a bit screwed so out with a trusty partition utility and fixed that and now I have Linux back to it’s full glory. And it seems that the boot process wasn’t completely installed with my incremental installation as it now seems Ubuntu boots without all those pesky error messages :). Then a whole heap of apt-get later we are back in and running.

Also at work now we got an automatic espresso machine instead of the peculator that we always have had. Which was great real coffee but now because of the additional expense we have to pay $1 for each cup so I’m drinking tea or should I dare instant coffee :( because I am a student with no money for coffee. Or at least no money for coffee at work :P