Cups wrapper for HL-2040

I was fiddling around with the windows drivers for my Brother HL-2040 the other day and pressed the button to goto the solutions page lo and behold they had finally written a cups wrapper for their Linux driver :). I don’t really have any qualms about running proprietary drivers, ie. I run my nvidia Linux drivers already. So I went and installed them from the Brother Linux site and now when doing number-up printing it wont go off the page like it did for the open source HL-1250 drivers which I was using. And it uses the printer full 8mb of memory so it’s not pausing between pages :). I am one happy customer.

Oh yeah and I sent a tech request to them the other day because the printer was turning on with the computer and I actually go a reply saying to just “restart” the computer with the following operations:

  1. Turn the printer off
  2. Hold Go while turning the printer on
  3. Release your finger from the Go button when Toner light comes on
  4. Press and hold GO button again
  5. Release the GO button again when Paper light comes on

And fingers crossed Google picks this up so that people who my experience the same problem can get their answer.

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  • Evan

    January 11, 2006

    Just wanted to say thanks for this post–it helped me get the Brother 2040 in my office to start printing again!

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