What does Linux need?

On Friday I was at the presentation evening for the school that my wife will be teaching a thought started to run through my head. What is really keeping more of the community from switching to Linux? Is it hardware support? Is it that people just don’t know about what an Operating System is? The latter is more likely.

How many time’s have we all heard “What is windows?” when you ask someone what version they are running. So like Firefox we should probably get our butts into gear and start professing the virtues of our favourite OS.

Then again it wont be easy I think the change must take place in business first. I myself are working on a Windows 2000 PC at work in creating our software in Visual C++ 6.0. A sad fact I know but as the software that we are creating here is going out into a wider community we must also create software that can be run on the OS(Operating System) that 90% of the desktop community uses.

Back to my original thought… As I am a Software Engineer I usually think of problems in the software domain :P. And I kept thinking that allot of people who see Linux or try it out for a time just find that they are missing applications that they use everyday and cannot find a usable replacement for it under Linux. For example Quicken there isn’t realy a fully featured product that can replace this.

So my thought was would it be worth my time to go out and write a Linux program to replace this. However I have never used Quicken and don’t plan on going out and buying a licence just so that I can create it. And how do I know that this would be fixing a need in the community as it wouldn’t really be a personal itch that was needing to be scratched.

The Idea

Would it be worth creating a website that would accommodate a place where users and developers could easily interact and form contacts for where the specific community need is? Like here at work we have the marketing team which looks into current market trends and demands to tell the Research & Development team (me) what we need to make. This website could encompass a forum and a wiki for project ideas and then a voting system where it could be seen where the most demand lied in the community for their “itches”.

What do you think please leave your comments if you think there is any merit to this idea… And if nothing shows up maybe I should for once and for all just close up shop and leave this posting stuff to forums.

Or maybe not I might just like putting my thoughts out there for no one to read :twisted:.

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