How long can an install take?

After my success with installing Ubuntu on my Desktop system last week I installed it on my old Laptop as well this weekend. Bad idea

The laptop 400 Celeron with 192mb ram was running Fedora RC 2 so not too old and running at an acceptable rate :). So upgrading shouldn’t hurt it too much I thought.

But after 4-5 hours it was finished, I never knew a 1 CD install could take so long and I didn’t even download the updates I just installed straight from what was on the CD. And once the screen actually came up everything was slow. :(

However when I booted it this morning it was back to the same sort of level it was booting at with FRC2 so I’m happy now just some tweaking and I might have a reasonably usable system. But my old Wi-Fi card that I have worked a treat with the installer so in the end I am happy.

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