I do Ubuntu

Not long back(July 2004) I told a story of my love for Gentoo Linux. However I must confess this is now over :( my wondering has continued and last Monday night (18 Oct) I installed yet another distribution over Gentoo.

I went out and installed Ubuntu Linux in it’s pre-release 4.10. Yesterday however (21/10/2004) “Warty Warthog” went “Gold” ie. out of pre-release phase so tomorrow it’s off to update my system. Which like Gentoo will never need a reformat because they promise that the distribution will be upgradeable via apt-get alone. Which is great, for this was one of the main factors I appreciated in Gentoo in the first place.

But what really got me changed was the fact that the initial pre-release with Gnome 2.8 went out only a few days after 2.8.0 was officially available. A lot sooner than 2.8 was even in hard-masked testing in Gentoo.

Finally I was sick of playing around with emerge for the entire time I was on the computer rather than enjoying my Linux which from what I have read on the Ubuntu Forums is a rather large sticking point for a lot of people.

And as for now on you will notice I no longer have a Gentoo section on the Blog and it is now Ubuntu and once I finally get to have a bit of a play and finish setting it up I might get around to taking some screenies :P.

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