Java 5 Released

Java 5 was released by Sun today. You get can get your J2SE development kit or JRE from here it’s been a long time coming but word has it that 6 will be out next year, or so says NewsForge we will see.

I haven’t had a chance to acctually code anything yet but playing around with the demo applets that came with it shows promise. Also the new Ocean look and feel works well when I fired up the most recent release of JEdit. Now… time for some J5 codeing :mrgreen:.

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  • Ron Musgrove

    October 2, 2004

    Took a look at your site and had abit of a poke around. good work. Found it from the members list aanet. was thinking of joining aanet cos ive got too much unneaded download there at iinet $60 per month now that my IT son is in Japan. thought i’d trade down a bit Are aanet ok please Any problems Do they go down a lot or anything bad? thanks if you could fill me in woth a short reply thanks again.

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