Open Source Challenge

I challenge all my fellow Linux geeks and other computer users out there to take up the *[Open Source] Challenge*. That is that each one of you try to use Open Source for all your computing. Now I hear you say “I spend most of my computing time at work and I can only use Windows” that’s exactly the point of the challenge :).

For every piece of software you use on a daily basis at work or at home if there is an Open Source alternative for you to use try to use it. And if you can’t download them at work burn it to a CD or bring it on a USB key from home. Here is a list of what I use at work:

  • Web browser: Firefox – Say goodbye to the 3 year old IE6
  • Ftp client: Filezilla – A great windows client and guess what it’s OS
  • RSS feed reader: Feedreader
  • Productivity suite: – Wont have all those proprietary plugins such as ReqPro but if you can do without Word the why not write it in
  • Instant messenger: GAIM – A fantastic multi protocol agent, get rid of multiple clients; MSN, ICQ and go for one and do it OS(Open Source) instead
  • Vector graphics: Inkscape – Uses the SVG standard format
  • Raster graphics: GIMP – From it’s roots come GTK+ and Gnome not as many features as Photoshop but one heck of a better price :)

That is just a short list of the programs I use at work. You may find that most of the popular Linux applications have a Windows port. But you may say why bother when what I’m using works and how will my use benefit anyone? Well when you use this products at work and someone comes is having trouble with one of the proprietary programs then you can show them what OS(Open Source) has to offer and you have the installation on offer for them to use it on their computer. As we break down the stigma that OS(Open Source) software is “hard to use” or “for geeks only” with these GUI Windows programs Linux wont seem like such a large step for people if you say, “You know that you have been using for X months. In Linux is exactly the same.”

So give it a try and take up the Open Source Challenge today :)

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