Geekboy vs Car

Any geek would know that would know that to be successful you need to know one of two things; Computers or Cars. But not necessarily both.

Well when I was driving home with my wife on Saturday my Toyota Corona’s temperature gage went into the red :eek:. So I pulled over and refilled the overflow thinking that I had just forgot to fill it up. Waited 10 minutes then set off again. The gage quickly went into the red again but this time I was not stopping for anyone.

When I pulled up at home the car was sizzling, black smoke and everything, maybe running the car on red for 10 minutes was not such the great idea I first thought it was.

Anyway I left the car for a few hours then went back and opened the radiator and found it empty. So naturally I filled it up, 5 litres of water later it was full. Now to check where that leak was coming from. I noticed a slow drip coming from somewhere in the engine. But it was slow so I thought I would just keep topping it up every couple of days till I could get the car to a mechanic.

When I got up on Sunday all looked good only about 300ml had seemed to have leaked out again so no worries. However after a while the car went back into the red again. I had lost all my radiator fluid again. So I got on the phone to my Father in law (my mechanic :wink:) and was running through the problem with him when I realised that the leak wasn’t coming from the engine but from one of the heater hoses the same hose that had a leak last time I ran into this problem.

So off I went and go my trusty PC repair kit, why because I don’t have any screwdrivers in my toolbox :smile:, un-screwed the clasp around the hose and cut off the end where the split was. Clasped the hose back onto the car and away we went.

So in the end the car has no permanent damage and I proved that a Geekboy like myself does have a chance of doing the manly thing and fixing his car without having to pay an exorbitant amount to a mechanic, may Dad hasn’t failed at teaching me how to fix my own car after all :smile:. All’s well that ends well and I live to drive my 20 year old car for another day.

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