I've made it

In my on going quest for Google supremecy my JBlog is now number 1 :). To do the search click here

I am also the number 1 JProgrammer search.

But proabbly the most interesting of all a search for buildtolearn my web host will get my blog in at 10th :) the last one on the first screen. Not too bad for only running the site for 2 months. To do that search click here

But now that I am number 1 what do I do from here? Maybe I need to get slashdotted and loose all my bandwidth in 1 hour????? :grin:


  • AT

    July 9, 2004

    Im a bit lost here… what exactly is this website for? Whats a “blog” and how does one increase its position in the google search? I am so website illiterate!

  • JProgrammer

    July 12, 2004

    AT check the wikipedia for a definition of a blog here. My rank has been increasing as the googlebot has crawled my site over time.

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